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We do not collect personal data in the public area of the site - if you complete a contact form, for example, your email address is not stored in a database for re-use, nor is any information passed to third parties.


Rotary Club of Harpenden Village (“RCHV”)                                     



RCHV respects the right to privacy of all those whose personal information is held, and has in place privacy notices on its processes for dealing with the collection, retention, usage, exchange and disposal of the personal information that comes into its possession for any purpose.


Personal information is collected only from the person concerned – and from no other source – and is limited to that required to enable RCHV to operate, or to undertake functions required of it.  Any personal information about an individual which otherwise comes into the possession of RCHV will not be kept or used unless the subject has expressly confirmed that it may be used.


Personal information collected by RCHV will not be shared with, exchanged with, passed on to, or sold to any other organisation for any purpose (unless express consent has been given by the subject), except in circumstances where it might be required to do so by law or as detailed in an individual privacy notice.


Anyone who believes that RCHV holds any information or personal details about them may approach RCHV and request to know what information is held, request correction of any inaccuracies in that information, as well as request deletion of any or all of the details held. 


Where we are asked to delete information, this may mean that RCHV’s relationship with the individual will be at an end.


It is RCHV’s policy that information will be held securely for as long as it is needed by RCHV in order to support the individual, and will be disposed of securely when it is no longer required.


RCHV may be contacted at any time by writing to:-


RCHV, c/o Aldwickbury Park Golf Club, Piggottshill Lane, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 1AB


or by e-mail to:                                          -              





The RIBI Club and District Data Protection Policy Statement is accessible using the following link.




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