Completed meetings and events 2018-2019

Mon 11th March 2019 Business meeting

Thu 7th March 2019 Club Council

Mon 25th February 2019 Speaker's meeting

Speaker Dame Janet Ritterman "So What does a University Chancellor really do"£

Mon 11th February 2019 Business meeting

Thu 7th February 2019 Club Council

Mon 28th January 2019 Speaker's meeting

Mon 14th January 2019 Business meeting

Mon 31st December 2018 No meeting - New year's eve

Mon 24th December 2018 No meeting - Christmas Eve

Mon 10th December 2018 Business meeting

Thu 6th December 2018 Club Council

Mon 3rd December 2018 Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch at Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove

Mon 26th November 2018 Speaker's meeting

Mon 12th November 2018 DG “A” visit

Visit by DG Rtn Graham Carey

Thu 8th November 2018 Club Council

Mon 29th October 2018 5th Monday with partners and friends

Talk by David Duke "Legal issues effecting our age"

Mon 22nd October 2018 Speaker's meeting

Speaker David Hanmer “Toad Hall Cottages”

Mon 8th October 2018 Business meeting

Thu 4th October 2018 Club Council

Mon 24th September 2018 Speaker's meeting

Speaker Clive Rogers

Mon 10th September 2018 Business meeting

Thu 6th September 2018 Club Council

Mon 27th August 2018 No Meeting - Bank Holiday

Mon 13th August 2018 Business meeting

Mon 13th August 2018 Presentation of Cheques President's Charities 2017/18

Cheques presented to President's preferred charities for 2017/18 at lunch held at the Thurlestone Hotel. read more...

Mon 6th August 2018 No meeting

Thu 2nd August 2018 Club Council

Mon 30th July 2018 5th Monday with partners and friends

Mon 23rd July 2018 Speaker's meeting

Mon 16th July 2018 No meeting

Mon 9th July 2018 Hand over

Thu 5th July 2018 Club Council

Mon 2nd July 2018 No meeting

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