Completed meetings and events 2017-2018

Sat 21st April 2018 Stroke Awareness Event

An event held on the Saturday Market measuring Blood pressure , heights and weights

Wed 4th April 2018 Club Council

A review of projects ,events and finances

Wed 28th February 2018 Club Meeting

Social meeting

Wed 21st February 2018 Club Meeting

Committee meeting +weekly meeting

Wed 3rd January 2018 Business meeting following council

Discussion on issues raised at Council and voting on items by everyone present on issues requiring approval by the Club

Wed 3rd January 2018 Club Council

A review of projects, membership , finances, sport , youth ., Foundation,

Wed 20th December 2017 Club Meeting

Club meeting may include a speaker

Wed 6th December 2017 Business meeting

Review of Council proposals, Club voting on issues as appropriate

Sat 2nd December 2017 Wenlock Fayre Car Park

Rotarians run one carpark for this event

Wed 29th November 2017 Guests Social Evening

this type of evening occurs if there are five Wednesdays in the month.
Entertainment is provided

Fri 17th November 2017 Christmas lights and Tree

This is the first occasion that the Tree of Light is lit and people who wish to remember others may place tags on the Tree

Wed 1st November 2017 Club Council

Review of activities and recommendations for decision at business meeting

Wed 19th July 2017 Committee meetings

Rhe membership and Events Committee and the Community and Vocational Committee meet

Wed 5th July 2017 Business meeting following council

Opportunity to discuss with all members items discussed at Council and to agree way forward.

Wed 5th July 2017 Club Council

A monthly review of actions and intentions
future calendar district events local events