Completed meetings and events 2019-2020

Thu 10th October 2019 Lunch: Speaker: Graham Smith, Hill House NTS

We'll hear all about this restored mansion near Helensburgh, with its bespoke interiors designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and formal gardens.

Thu 3rd October 2019 Lunch: Speaker Paul Johnson: 'Finding Your Feet' Charity

Paul is a valuable member of the Finding Your Feet office team. He’s a double above knee amputee. He will share his story and spread the word about about this great charity.

Thu 26th September 2019 Lunch (IN GREAT ROOM, H.I. Express!): Speaker Rory McAusland: 'The Samaritans' Charity

Rory will tell us about the organisation and work of'The Samaritans'.

Thu 19th September 2019 Lunch: Speaker Marielle Birks: 'Children With Cancer' Charity

Marielle will tell us about the 'Children With Cancer' charity.

Thu 12th September 2019 Lunch: Speaker: John Fisher

Our Member, John, will talk to us on a subject of his own choice.

Thu 5th September 2019 2019 TREASURE TRAIL EVENT

Details for 2019 Treasure Trail Challenge This year's Treasure Trail event will be held on Thursday, 5th September, in aid of 'Action for Children'. Full details are on the relevant featured web page.

Thu 5th September 2019 Lunch: Gordon Fairbrother on preparations for tonight's Treasure Trail event

Our Member, John, will talk to us on a subject of his own choice.

Thu 29th August 2019 Lunch: Speaker: Diane Mitchell, District Assistant Governor

Thu 22nd August 2019 Lunch: Speaker Greg Morris

Our Member Greg will talk on a subject of his own choice. He is well traveled, so hopefully it will be something exotic!

Thu 15th August 2019 Lunch: Speaker Colin Morton

Club Member Colin will talk on a subject of his own choice. What will it be this time, Colin?

Thu 8th August 2019 Lunch: Speaker: Antonia Chiroiu

Antonia will speak to us about Rotary and RotarAct in Romania.

Thu 1st August 2019 Lunch: Speaker Gordon Fairbrother: Treasure Trail Challenge

Gordon will bring us up to date on arrangements for our Treasure Trail Challenge (to be held on 5th September)

Thu 25th July 2019 Lunch: Speaker

Speaker to be announced soon.

Thu 18th July 2019 Lunch: Speaker: Geoff Swift

Looking forward to what Geoff has to say! to say!

Thu 11th July 2019 Lunch: Speaker: Kay Caldwell, District Community and Vocational Officer

Kay has taken over the District's Community and Vocational Officer roles. We're looking forward to listening to her ideas and inspiration and sharing our own experiences in these fields.


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