Completed meetings and events 2017-2018

Wed 18th October 2017 Dinner -

Wed 11th October 2017 Dinner

Wed 4th October 2017 Dinner - Comittee reports

Wed 4th October 2017 Club Council

Wed 27th September 2017 Dinner

Wed 20th September 2017 Dinner -

Wed 13th September 2017 Dinner

Wed 6th September 2017 DG Carol Reilly

Wed 6th September 2017 Club Council

Wed 30th August 2017 Dinner

Wed 23rd August 2017 BBQ with partners & guests

Wed 16th August 2017 BANGOR RACES and BBQ with Ellesmere Port

Wed 9th August 2017 Dinner

Wed 2nd August 2017 Dinner - Comittee reports

Wed 2nd August 2017 Club Council

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