Completed meetings and events 2018-2019

Thu 13th December 2018 Christmas Attire Evening.

Tonight we will have our Christmas Attire Night i.e. Christmas Jumpers, Hats socks. Wear anything that is festive. Also beware there will be a quiz!!!
Host:- Mr President
S.I&C:- Konrad Nofer
T.S&G:- Andrew Page

Thu 6th December 2018 Tony Smith

Tonight Tony Smith, our local "Wordsmith" will be entertaining us again.
Host:- Terry Garbett
S.I&C:-Roger Jones
T.S&G:- ?

Sat 1st December 2018 Bewdley Christmas Market

We will be selling our Pork Baps, Mulled wine and Chocolate Marshmallows...and maybe something else.

Thu 29th November 2018 Social Evening & Buffet

Tonight we have a talk from Nick Hinton - Wyre Forest Gins
Host:- John Cox
S.I&C:-Bob Hill
T.S&G:- Elaine James

Thu 22nd November 2018 Special General Meeting & Business meeting

Tonight is our S.G.M & Business Meeting
Host:- Pres
S.I&C:- Michel Gaud
T.S&G:- Stuart Hellier

Thu 15th November 2018 Rod Stanczyszyn-How Bewdley said NO to Gladman

As part of the local planning team, Rod will explain how Bewdley was successful in defeating the Gladman proposed housing estate proposed for Bewdley
Host:- Bob Eaton
S.I&C:-Tom Elliott
T.S&G:-Terry Garbett

Sun 11th November 2018 Remembrance Day Parade

Today is Remembrance Day Parade for members to attend.

Fri 9th November 2018 Quiz Night at Rock Village Hall

Our annual Quiz Night this year will be for the benefit of the Bewdley Petanque Club towards the cost of their new 'terrain' at Bewdley Cricket Club

Thu 8th November 2018 Interact Club

Tonight our newly formed Interact Club will be talking to us.
Host:-Graham Bullock
S.I&C:-Dave Drackley
T.S&G:- Bob Eaton

Thu 1st November 2018 Dave Griffin

Tonight we welcome back Dave Griffin to give us an update on assisting the homeless
Host:- Terry Garbett
S.I&C:- John Cox
T.S&G:- Jim Crate

Thu 25th October 2018 Charity Golf Day Presentation Night.

Tonight will be our Charity Golf Day Presentation/Buffet evening. We have approx 32 guests from Charities and sponsors joining us.
Cash:- Bambos Constantinou

Thu 18th October 2018 Business Meeting

Tonight is a Business Meeting
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Graham Bullock
T.S&G:- Derrick Bumpsteed

Thu 11th October 2018 S.V.P. Michel Gaud--Members Talk

At tonight's meeting our S.V.P will give us a talk, presumably something to do with cooking?
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Rob Baker
T.S&G:- Stan Bonas

Fri 5th October 2018 Race Night

This event has unfortunately had to be cancelled or possibly postponed.

Thu 4th October 2018 John Cox---"Tales from the River Bank"

Tonight John Cox will give us a talk entitled "Tales from the River Bank" could it be about fishing? River Animals? or even poaching!! who knows with John?
Host:- V.P. Michel
S.I&C:-Colin Amor
T.S&G:- Alan Wood

Thu 27th September 2018 Skittles Night at Pound Green Village Hall

A regular fun event for the Doreen Rowland Trophy
Cash:-Dave Tyrrell

Thu 20th September 2018 Simon Turner--Local Guys Done Good

Tonight Simon Turner & his business partner will give us a talk on how 2 local lads from Bewdley High School have succeeded in business.
Host:- Terry Garbett
S.I&C:-Ilse Stride
T.S&G:- John Tweedale

Thu 13th September 2018 Alex Prescott--Youth Exchange Student

Tonight Alex Prescott, our Youth Exchange Student, will give us his talk about his Youth Exchange camp which took him into the Canadian Wilderness.
Host:- Andrew Page
S.I&C:-David Rees
T.S&G:- Roger Jones

Thu 6th September 2018 Steven Amor--Holograms & Virtual Reality

Tonight Steven Amor will give us a talk on Holograms & Virtual Reality
Host:-Colin Amor
S.I&C:- Mike Pearson
T.S&G:- Bob Hill

Thu 30th August 2018 Stuart Hellier "My other life with the Rescue services

Tonight Stuart will give a talk on when he was involved with Rescue Services.
Host:- Pres
S.I&C:- Konrad Nofer
T.S&G:- Andrew Page

Thu 23rd August 2018 Social Evening & Buffet

Tonight will be a social evening with buffet
Host:- President
S.I&C:- Roger Jones
T.S&G:- Michael McMillan

Thu 16th August 2018 Business Meeting

Tonight will be our postponed Business Meeting
Host:- President
S.I&C:-Graham Bullock
T.S&G:- Elaine James

Thu 2nd August 2018 District Governor's Visit

Tonight we welcome our new D.G Gary Dancer
Cash - Tom Elliott
TS&G - Rob Bker

Thu 26th July 2018 Jadwiga Borns--Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Tonight we will have a talk from Jadwiga Borns a Diabetes Specialist Nurse. PARTNERS NIGHT .
Host:- Terry G.
S.I&C. - Dave Drackley
TS&G - Bob Eaton

Thu 19th July 2018 Bodenham Arboretum

Tonight we will dine @ Bodenham Arboretum. Usual times 7 for 7.30pm Choice of 2 courses plus tea or coffee £17.00 per head. Bring you own alcoholic drinks but please purchase your soft drinks from the Arboretum.
Further details/directions contact Neil

Thu 12th July 2018 Michael McMillan's Job Talk

Tonight Michael McMillan will be giving us his job talk. Host:- President Cash - Bambos Constantinou
TS&G - Sheila Cookson

Thu 5th July 2018 Meet the President Social Evening

Buffet meal and no formalities
Cash - Graham Bullock
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