Completed meetings and events 2017-2018

Wed 15th November 2017 Club Meeting - Host - John Coopey - 'Lawrence of Arabia (Known & Unknown) ' - Dr Richard Long

Wed 1st November 2017 Club Meeting - Host - Alan Cornish _ 'The Gunpowder Plot: Conspiracy and Terrorism' - Dr Timothy Brain

Tue 17th October 2017 Joint Club Meeting with Cheltenham Sunrise at The Sup and Chow, Bath Road. - 'Santiago Walk - Ann Greaves

Wed 4th October 2017 Club Meeting - Business Meeting. Council prior

Wed 20th September 2017 Club Meeting - Host - David Billingham; 'Behind the Scenes at The Antique Roadshow - Cliff White

Wed 6th September 2017 Club Meeting -Host - Brian Smith A 'Generation Hope' a dvd on the story of Mary's Meals

Wed 30th August 2017 Presidential B.B.Q. - Ladies invited. Details TBA

Wed 16th August 2017 Host - Ian Westerman. - Speaker Gray O'Hanlon - 'Experiences as an Airline Pilot'

Host -

Wed 2nd August 2017 Business Meeting. Council meeting prior!

Wed 19th July 2017 Host - Clive Sheridan. Treasure Hunt, Ladies invited

Venue TBA

Wed 5th July 2017 District Governor's Visit

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