Future meetings and events

Wed 24th July 2019 at 14.30 - 17.00 VISIT to the BISHOP’S PALACE GARDENS in WELLS

Beginning at 2.30 pm in WELLS , on market day– followed by an invitation to a cream tea at Maggie Steel’s home in Wedmore.

Thu 25th July 2019 at 19.00 - 20.00 No meeting, see events

Visit to Bishop's Palace Wells , planned on 24 July

Thu 1st August 2019 at 18.30 - 21.30 Sports evening

Another great sports evening at Victoria Park. Meet ground floor of Pavilion, sports side. Come and test your skills in crazy golf, tennis, and may be beach volley ball. Followed by dinner in the Pavilion

Thu 8th August 2019 at 19.00 - 21.00 BUSINESS MEETING – with sandwiches

Taking Place in Bath and County Club
Please come along and hear what is being planning and take part in future planning