61st International Golf Tournament 2015

Sun 7th June 2015 at 18.00 - Thu 11th June 2015 - 22.00

Our 61st Annual Golf Tournament ran from 7th to 11th June 2015. In 2015 The Open Championship will also return to The Old Course so it provided a great opportunity for Rotarians to play on the "hallowed turf" just a few weeks before the Open itself.

Another very successful International Gold Tournament is now over with almost 200 competitors in the main competion plus ladies and others giving a total of 260 golfers from 22 countries.

The winning Rest of the World team included a lady and came mainly from Australia, USA and Canada.

The European players were from Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland.

An English team, Irish team and Scottish team made the final competition exciting.

More than 25% of players were first time players in the competition and vowed they would be back next year.

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