Mammoth Car Boot Sale 2017

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Mon Aug 28th 2017 at 09.00 - 14.00

Now in its 35th year and probably the largest of its kind in Southern England this year's event will be held on Monday August 28 in the grounds of Wilton House by kind permission of our Honorary Member, the Earl of Pembroke and the Wilton House Trust.


Established in 1983, our annual Mammoth Car Boot Sale has for many years been one of the largest of its kind in Southern England.   

The event is held on August Bank Holiday Monday (August 28, 2016) by kind permission of our Honorary Member the Earl of Pembroke in the beautiful grounds of the Wilton House Estate.  The main entrance is via the Netherhampton Road Gate and the main exit is via the Sawmills Gate in South Street (but see FAQ below). 

Access for Sellers is possible from 6am-9am and pitches will be available from £10 (see FAQ below).

Admission for Buyers costs £5 per person for Early Birds who enter before 9am and £2 per person thereafter.

See below for answers to frequently asked questions.



1.   Gates open for Sellers?  From 6am-9am - there is no need to arrive very early though we recommend arrival by 8.30am to avoid traffic.

2.   Pre-Booking? Not normally required for Ordinary/Medium pitches just turn up and pay on the day. However for any larger requirement and/or Commercial stall it is recommended you make contact in advance via the facility below to check any requirements.

3.   Sellers' Pitch Prices?

  • Ordinary Seller's Pitch ( e.g car only) £10 (see Q8 below).
  • Medium Sellers Pitch (eg car + trailer) £15.
  • Large Sellers Pitch (eg "transit" van) £25.
  • Any larger site requirement and/or commercial site will be assessed on site. 

4.   The right is reserved to refuse any pitch.

5.    Food/drink sales?  Because there are pre-booked concessions for these any other stalls for on-site consumption are not allowed.

6.    Standard pitch size?  Approx car width plus couple of feet gap each side.  Vehicles MUST park with boot end facing the gangway unless Marshalls otherwise agree, then pitch fee may be amended to reflect sales frontage.

7.    Restricted goods?  There are various legal restrictions on the goods that can be sold at car boot sales (eg electrical goods) and Trading Standards Officers are likely to visit the Sale with a view to possible enforcement particularly in relation to "traders". Click here for further info.

8.     Sellers' rubbish? There will be skips for waste disposal but please particularly note FOOD WASTE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE and any especially bulky items should be left beside the skips to enable them to be broken up/compressed as necessary before skip collection. Also any electrical equipment (eg televisions) must be left beside the skips and not put in them. So far as possible please compress other items (eg cardboard boxes) to maximise use of the skip capacity.

9.     Unwanted Goods?  In addition to the waste facility there will be a "recycling" lorry for disposal of unsold items you do not want to take away with you but may be usable elsewhere . Therefore  please help to reduce the volume of waste requiring disposal by  putting any such items in  that facility.


10.      Buyers' entry?  The sale officially opens at 9am from which time the normal entry charge of £2 for adults applies.  Entry between 8am and 9am is permitted but only on payment of the higher charge of £5 per person.

11.    Buyers' Departure?  The sale ends at 1pm and stalls are expected to close then with a view to being away from the site by 2pm.  In any event all vehicles MUST vacate by 3pm failing which a penalty charge of £20 will be levied for late exit.

12.    Buyers' Exit Route?  As long as there is significant incoming traffic via the Netherhampton Road entrance all departing vehicles will be directed westwards through the Park to exit into South Street, Wilton.  Once incoming traffic is judged to have sufficiently reduced then exit onto Netherhampton Road will be allowed but Marshalls instructions must be followed as to the direction of exit. 


13.    Enquiries?  Please note that we are very fortunate to have use of the Park by kind permission of the Wilton Estate but otherwise it is not involved in the event. Therefore ANY enquiries should be directed to this site  NOT the Estate Office.

14.    Dogs?  If unavoidable stallholders may have them in/by their vehicles (on lead) BUT otherwise it is the wish of the Estate that they are not brought to the event  as it is not appropriate for them to be walked within the fairly confined space of the Sales  area and it is undesirable to risk leaving them in vehicles particularly if it is hot.

15.    Where?  For satnav enter SP2 8PZ which will bring you to the corner on which is the gateway into the Park. Otherwise from the North,West and East follow road signs for Salisbury Race Course. From the South (via Coombe Bissett ) also follow Racecourse signs BUT carry on north past the Race Course and the entrance gate is at the bottom of the hill.

16.    Entry/Exit?  Due to constraints on exit traffic the organisers reserve the right to restrict, or entirely stop, further entry to the site after midday. (Hence if collection by vehicle, eg taxi, is anticipated that should be planned for before that time.)
17.    Entry/Exit procedure?  Whilst we have refined the traffic management to try to reduce delays the nature of the site, restricted time of the event, and the volume of vehicles do impose constraints particularly with the bulk of outgoing traffic being concentrated in a fairly short period. Thus we ask for your understanding of that situation, which may be relieved in part by earlier or later departure.