The Car Park Rota

The Territorial Lane Car Park - Every Saturday - ROTA

The Rotary Car Park - Current State of Affairs?
    In a word.....serious, very serious!!
    So this is a special appeal, a real SOS call
    See the rotas below for details

    I remain uneasy and unhappy about the future of the car park manning situation.
    For far too long, the lack of volunteers 
has placed an unfair burden on a committed minority within the Club.
   This is the first time in 25 years of supervising the Club's car park activity that I have had to make an appeal like this.      Problems ahead.
    As ever,

Members - Please let Mel French know if you can "do a shift".

                                                 Car Park Rotas: March, April, May and June 2019 

                            8.00 - 11.15am                          11.15 - 2.30pm                    Takings
     March 2019
02 March          Mel French/Arthur Bullough           
Derek Hall/Mike Costello        £233.28
     09 March          
Mel French/Ed Kear                          PaulineCrow/Fai Serajian        £156.20
     16 March          Tony Ford/Martin Leake                 Neil Jones/Suresh Babu          £176.00      
     23 March          Mel French/*Volunteer needed              Fari Serajian/Alf Harold             
     30 March          Paul Copeland/Ed Kear                     * Volunteers needed *         (3 vacancies)
     April 2019   
     06 April             Mel French/Suresh Babu                  Pauline Crow/Volunteer
     13 April             Paul Copeland/Jan Karnacz              Martin Leake/Eddy Nicholson                   
     20 April             
Ed Kear/Martin Leake                       * Volunteers needed *
  27 April             Mel French/Suresh Babu                  Neil Jones/Volunteer            (4 vacancies)
     May 2019  

     04 May      
     11 May         
     18 May             Mel French/
     25 May
             Mel French/
     June 2019
     01 June
     08 June             Mel French/
     15 June
     22 June             Mel French/
     29 June

5.  Please get your diaries out.
Vacancies:            March:                    3
  April:                       4
Take your pick       

(ALL fields required)