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Haiti Report from on site Rotarian end of Jan 2010.

Medical supplies are now adequate, however food, water and shelter requirements remain high. 10,000 shelter boxes had arrived together with many water boxes and purification systems. (Two shelter boxes have been sent from the Blackburn Club , one from Club Charity funds and one by individual donations). Rural areas have increased their population by 20% as people have moved out of the capitol. Rotary wishes to be involved in the future development and recovery projects and not just helping with the immediate emergency.


1)     200,000 more tents, not full blown shelter boxes.

2)     Build a rehabilitation centre similar to the Jaipur limb centre.

3)     Build schools in rural areas to handle the 20% increase in population.

4)     Provide 150,000 meals per day for many months.

5)     Make available separated & sorted clothes and shoes.

6)     The 5 Haiti Rotary clubs that have lost contact. Find their members and help them individually.

7)     Distribution of contents of 12 containers in a cargo ship hired by Rotary for $40,000. It is waiting in Nassau for clearance to arrive in port in Haiti.