This project was designed to provide clean drinking water for the benefit of 4000 people in the Kanungu area communities. Previously during the dry season only one dubious water source was available, approximately 8km away.


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Up to 3 years ago, the communities in the area of Kanungu, Uganda, including the school at Kinkiizi, had no safe drinking water source during the dry season.

The aim of this project, run by the Rotary club of Paphos-Aphrodite in Cyprus in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Kabale, was to provide water storage to collect water in the rainy season to be used after the rains stopped, to prevent having to use a water source of dubious quality 7-8 km away.  Supporting partners in this project including Chipping Norton along with the Rotary Clubs of Ashtead, Dublin, Basingstoke, Basingstoke Deane, Braine-l'Alleud (a Dutch club 20km south of Brussels), and Districts 1110 (Hampshire) and 2450 (an enormous district covering Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, the UAE and Palestine.

The partners were able to raise a capital total which, with the matching matching grant, totalled $45,600 US.  This enabled the project to be started in 2008.

A total of 7 holding tanks, 2 x 100,000litre reservoir tanks and one collecting reservoir next to a permanent water source (a spring) 1km distant needed to be constructed.  A high capacity pump was also required to pump the water to Kinkiizi School.

In total 4000 people have benefitted in Nyakatare Township, Kinkiizi High School, Bishops Primary School, Kihanda Community and Kajugangoma.  Rotary does it again!




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