Rotary Foundation

Plans for 2016/17



Although we refer to the Foundation as ‘our own charity’ it doesn’t operate like a charity in that, what it does is enable Clubs, by providing them with funds, to undertake projects for the benefit of the less privileged in society. The Foundation’s mission is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.

The following proposals for next year are made with the intention of Crew and Nantwich Weaver supporting those programmes which District will participate in, and to maintain our financial commitment to support our own charity


Since 2013/14 some significant changes to the way in which Clubs can benefit from the use of Rotary Foundation funds. Briefly, in terms of the Foundation and the Club we are able to ask for District Foundation funds to support local and international projects providing that the project falls within one of the six areas of focus

Disease Prevention and Treatment Economic and Community Development Maternal and Child Health
Water and Sanitation
Basic Education and Literacy
Peace and Conflict Resolution

For a Club project to be considered for Foundation funding it is necessary for a Club Member to have attended the District Foundation seminar and to have a signed copy of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ lodged with District. We have qualified for this Rotary Year. (2016-17)

However, we have made no application to District for financial support for Club projects. It is a requirement that a fully costed project plan be submitted to the District Foundation Committee if we are to be considered for a financial grant from District Foundation funds. I would like to remind Club Committee chairmen that for projects to be considered for support in 2017/18 will need to be submitted to District between 1 July 2016 and 1 May 2017. An attendance at the District Foundation Seminar to be held in this Rotary year (16/17) will also be required. I anticipate attending the seminar on behalf of this Club.


Vic and Chloë Harris participated in the final National Immunisation Day NID held in India in February 2016. The End Polio project itself is continuing and I wish to suggest that Crewe and Nantwich Weaver makes a donation of £500 to the cause from the 2016 -17 Club Charity account. A Purple4Polio campaign has recently been announced by RGBI. Basically it is a scheme to plant 5 million purple crocus across the UK. There is a tie up with the Royal Horticultural Society. I would like to recommend that we participate in the scheme, and request an allocation of funds of £500 for our participation. There is a fair amount of information available in the members area of the RGBI site regarding local participation in the scheme and I will undertake to research that information subject to your approval of the recommendation to participate.