We're responsible for the smooth running of the club, future planning, and telling the world what we do.

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We organise the running of the club, it's programme, and accountability.

The committee is chaired by our president elect - this year it's Sylvia Parry - and comprises the Treasurer, Secretary, Membership chair and our PR chair, as well as the President (who is ex-officio, with the secretary, a member of every committee).
This committee overseas membership, programme, finances and general administration of the club - keeping this under review to ensure we all enjoy ourselves and maximise what we do for others.

We recently realised that the main cost of being a Rotarian is not the subscription - that's less than a drink a week - but the cost of meals. While these are enjoyable fellowship events, they need not be compulsory, so we have made them optional. Members might prefer to eat at home en-famille, or see the kids to bed - or even work late! So we don't start any business until 8.30pm and members can come along then if they prefer. The best of both worlds!