Rotary Foundation

This is Rotary's own charity, set up with the aim of doing good in the world.

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The Rotary Foundation works in several main areas to benefit peace and international relations:

PolioPlus - our project since 1985 to rid the world of the scourge;  and we're that close to getting rid of it for ever. Now found in only 3 countries - Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, down from around 200 when we started. Rotarians have raised huge sums over the years, and encouraged countries and multinational organisations to come aboard and join the cause. Not long now, before the world will be free of Polio - for EVER!  Thank you Rotary, and our Partners!

Education is another string in it's bow; Rotary are one of the major providers of scholarships, while at the same time providing local support to incoming scholars wherever they are from, or are studying, by appointing a local Rotarian as their counsellor. What a bonus, to have someone who knows the area, to maximise your experience when away from home.

Peace between nations is another objective. Several universities around the world, including Leeds in the UK, have been endowed with Masters course in Peace and Conflict Resolution, and are feeding a steady stream of committed students to this cause.

Health programmes can provide infrastructure changes, providing water, drainage, crop education, health and disease education and many other facets needed to improve the well-being, especially of the have-noyts, of this world of ours.

Talk to us if you'd like more information;  use the contact button on the homepage