Supporting members and membership.

Our committee has the responsibility to ensure that our Rotarians are thoroughly enjoying their Rotary membership as well being on the lookout for opportunities to tell others about our international organisation and the part that the Rotary Club of Exeter Southernhay plays in this unique organisation. We take the opportunity to speak to local groups, organise social events and volunteer at community events.

We are delighted to receive new members into our Rotary family and are always keen to introduce people to this worldwide organisation, whether as new Rotarians or Rotarians who are moving into our area.  All are very welcome.

We fully support international, national and local projects either on our own or in conjunction with other Rotary Clubs in Devon, the UK or across the world so whether we are raising funds for our President’s chosen charity or getting involved in Youth Speaks, End Polio Now or supporting Shelterbox, we do so knowing that we are joined by fellow Rotarians who primary commitment is to enhance the good of all humanity wherever the need.  A privilege indeed.