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About Rotary Dublin Viking

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About our club:

Founded in 1980, our club has 22 members, men and women. We meet and socialise twice a month in Buswells Hotel

dealing with our Rotary business supporting many worthwhile causes. (see our projects - Link to new club projects page)

The two dates we meet each month are:

- First Thursday of the month from 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm for a light supper.

- Third Friday of the month from 7.30 am-8.30 am for a buffet breakfast.

We have guest speakers on diverse and interesting topics on the first Thursday of the each month. During one of the meetings we in discuss in addition topics from the monthly Council (that's our word for Committee) Meeting.  

Every Rotarian has the right to attend Rotary meetings anywhere in the world and we frequently have visitors, which make our breakfasts truly international 

How are we organized:
The club is organised on a committee system and all members are encouraged to join one or more of these and help run the various projects and activities of the club. If meetings of committees are necessary these are often held in the hotel immediately after breakfast and are of short duration so that everyone can be on their way around 9:00am.

We can also bring non-Rotarian guests to the club and often do so, especially if we have a particularly interesting guest speaker.


Club and membership contribution:
Members currently pay an annual subscription of €230 and a contribution of €10 towards the cost of food and refreshments at those meetings which they attend.