Community Service

This committee deals with local projects in the local community.

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Plans for the year:

Committee Members:

John Watson (Chair), Alan Morrell (Environment), Robert Allan, David Burrows

The Committee deals with local projects in the Community.  It will continue with projects adopted previously, in addition will hope to include further projects on an ad hoc basis.  The Club has retained a joint committee Community/Vocational with the Environment Officer, although acting independently, as part of the Committee.  Publicity will be sought in local media.

  • On 11 May 1985 56 people lost their lives in a fire at Bradford City Football Club.  As a direct result of that experience, a Plastic Surgery Burns Unit was set up at Bradford Royal Infirmary.  This relies on donations from the public and is well supported by the Community Foundation at BCFC.  Community hopes to support their efforts with the installation of a spiral wishing well – a permanent 'silent' collector – at the football club.
  • Dictionaries4Life distributions to four Primary Schools all in the deprived area of inner Bradford:- Bankfoot; Bowling Park, Ryecroft and St Joseph’s RC.  Around 220 dictionaries will be labelled and include the child’s name.  Assistance from 2 local childrens charities with the cost of the dictionaries will be sought.
  • Continuation of support for the Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank, especially at Christmas.  from Members. 
  • Collections by Members as required by the Club.  We would hope to include Marie Curie Cancer Care in Bradford, possibly in  Spring 2018.  It is fair to comment that we do not have the available manpower that we once had, so collections will be dependent upon sufficient members being available.
  • Community have been approached by a volunteer at the charity Centrepoint in Bradford about the possibility of the installation a defribrillator at Centrepoint.  The volunteer is also a member of St John Ambulance and can instruct in its usage.  Centrepoint is in an area of Bradford without any defibrillator and it could be offered for wider usage in that area, not least by St John Ambulance.
  • Continuation of support by some Members to local Primary Schools by helping the pupils with their reading.
  • Various local Charities, who provide projects for the community, could be invited to give updates on their work or we could pay them an evening visit.  In particular, charities where Members have a connection, such as The Boys Brigade (David Burrows), Bradford Curry Project (Judith Waterhouse) and Life Education Bradford (John Waterhouse).  Any others that members wish to include.
  • Through the Environment Officer, continuation of work with The Forest of Bradford by buying and planting 500 – 1,000 trees in the locality each year.  Possibility of a litter picking project, if Members can identify somewhere suitable requiring a cleanup.

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