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Wed Jul 2nd 2014

Youth Service Committee Chairman Rtn. Eric Cowcill gives the committee's achievements in 2015-16 and what his committe's mission is for 2016-17. Reports from Sandbach Interact Club and RotaKids Clubs appear under their own headings.


Our achievements



Chairman-Eric Cowcill

My aim at Club Assembly at the beginning of the year was to continue with the links we have with local schools and to build upon them if at all possible. To that end I am pleased to say that we have done more than I expected.

We continue to support the RotaKids Club at Sandbach Primary Academy and have attended meetings with them regularly. They have undertaken a number of projects both within the school and locally in the community and they continue to be very active. We have planted daffodils around their outdoor classroom which have now bloomed and all children and teachers were very happy with this. Also they have undertaken litter picking in the streets adjacent to the school and have cleared an area of woodland adjacent to the school field amongst many other projects. I have applied for a Presidential Citation for them having done so much.

The RotaKids Club at Wheelock Primary School has not met this year due to staff changes but they are committed to continuing.

The Interact Club at Sandbach High School goes from strength to strength with 30 members now with several new younger members. They continue to have an extensive programme, visiting the Cats Home, St Stephens Old Peoples Home as well as organising car washes. They recently collected over £1330 in Aldi supermarket in conjunction with Cancer Research UK. They have helped us with a number of projects, planting daffodil bulbs and painting railings around Old Hall and St Mary’s church. I have also applied for a Presidential Citation for the Club in recognition of all they have achieved. Their President Grace Milner attended a Summer Camp in Austria last summer and gave a presentation at both District Council and Conference.  She had hoped to go on a long term student exchange after leaving school in July but that was not appropriate – instead she is participating in a New Generations Programme in South India, courtesy of Rotary Clubs in Tamil Nadu and Cochin, working with children in charity organisations.  Later on she might go to other countries also. Plans are still being formulated with the help of the District Youth Exchange Officer.

We are supporting St John’s School, Sandbach Heath to visit Petty Pool Outdoor centre as part of their Urban Kids Go Outdoors programme having received a District Grant towards the funding. Also we received grant aid to award prizes to the Sandbach Young Musician of the Year competition.

I have also had an enquiry from a pupil at Sandbach School keen to enter the District Youth Speaks competition next year which I will progress.







During the forthcoming Rotary year it is the hope that we can continue to foster good relations with the local schools and if possible expand upon the links that we have.

We shall continue to support and mentor the RotaKids Clubs at Sandbach Primary Academy and encourage the RotaKids Club at Wheelock Primary School to meet regularly.

We shall also continue to support the Interact Club at Sandbach High School, supporting them in their many projects and encouraging them wherever possible to assist in any appropriate Club projects.

It is hoped that we can support a team from Sandbach School in the District Youth Speaks competition.

Plans are well afoot for a New Generations Programme for Grace Milner, current President of the Interact Club. She will travel to India in September going first to Tamil Nadu and after to Cochin, and will be involved in humanitarian projects there with the Rotary Clubs of Cuddandore and Cochin Midtown respectively. Following return at Christmas time, arrangements are being made for a succession of the project in Romania working with Rotary Clubs in Pitesti, working in a school for autistic children and linked with the Rotary Club there which has 5 RotaKids Clubs in the city.

We shall continue to support the District Summer Camp by hosting two students.

In August a party of 10 students plus 2 teachers from St Pauls School, Macau will be hosted by our Club. They will initially stay at Petty Pool Outdoor centre, will be home hosted by members over the middle weekend and will travel to London for 2 days before returning home to Macau. Two of the Interact members will act as guides for their trip to London. The whole cost of the project is being borne by the school in Macau with no cost to ourselves.

It is hoped that we can continue to offer the opportunity to a class of children from a local primary school to participate in Urban Kids Go Outdoors at Petty Pool and will consider applying for District grant aid to assist in the funding.



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