Christmas Draw

An annual event giving local charities an opportunity to raise funds

The Rotary Club of Dorchester  promotes the Christmas Draw 

The club welcomes enquiries from local charities who are interested in taking part . 

 The Rotary Club of Dorchester has several thousand books of raffle tickets printed for charities to take as many as they wish to sell.  The charities are able to keep 100% of the money they raise by selling tickets for this very popular event.  

  • There is a top prize of £500.00 Cash
    2nd prize is £100.00 cash
    3rd Prize is £75.00 cash
    4th prize is £50.00 cash 

There are other valuable benefits. 

Over and above the amount the charities raise from the sale of their tickets the Rotary Club makes an additional 'cream on the top' donation of 5% of their ticket sales.  There is no ceiling to the amount a charity can raise for its own needs; the more books you sell the more you earn and the more your bonus from the Rotary Club. 

Only registered charities make apply to take part and the final cheques are presented in the New Year.

If you wish to apply please use the contact form below or contact 

The Secretary, The Rotary Club of Dorchester,

















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