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> Thanks to everyone for helping make yesterday's triathlon such a great success especially after the unplanned delayed start. Now it's all over we can reveal the drama behind this delay.
> About 7.15am we received a message that there were no road closure notices anywhere on the route. In her role as event manager, Jane Bradshaw contacted the traffic management company and spoke to their duty manager. He informed her that our order, submitted several months ago, and confirmed, had not been booked in by the MD, who was currently away on holiday in Corsica.
> Jane immediately rang the MD in Corsica and politely asked him what he was going to do about it. He initially suggested that he couldn't do anything and by implication we would have to cancel the event as he said it would take several hours to put the required signs in place.
At this point, with a large number of eager triathletes milling around in the background, Jane politely insisted that he must ring his duty manager in Spennymoor and arrange to get the signage installed within the hour. 
Confident that they would achieve this deadline, Jane then spoke to the athletes via the PA system calmly telling them that there was a slight delay and that we would be starting 30 minutes later than planned. 
Throughout the next hour she kept in constant contact with the traffic company staff, specifying what to bring, where to go, who to meet and urging them to go as fast as they could. 
It was an excellent demonstration of crisis management, and, to our amazement, it worked! Shortly after 8.30 all the signs were in place; we've never had so much signage! 
We just hope the lorry driver didn't get a speeding ticket on his early morning dash from Spennymoor!

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