Hi -Come and join us! Have FUN putting something back into our communities, alongside like-minded men and women.

Our club, just like Rotary worldwide, welcomes members from all walks of life and experience who want to put something back into the community - whether local or worldwide. As one of 1.2 million Rotarians we have the means to get things done, and change the world for the better.

Locally we punch above our weight; with your help we could do even more.

We have no barriers of Gender, Religion or Politics. We just want to get together with like-minded people doing hands-on things, and supporting other organisations who can do them for us when we can't!

We recently realised that the main cost of being a Rotarian is not the subscription - that's less than a drink a week - but the Cost of meals. While these are enjoyable fellowship events, they need not be compulsory, so we have made them optional. Members might prefer to eat at home en-famille, or see the kids to bed - or even work late! So we don't start any business until 8.30pm and members can come along then if they prefer. The best of both worlds!