The aim of our International Committee is to seek out and arrange assistance for projects around the world through funding from club events throughout the year.

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The International Committee area of work falls within two main areas. 

Whenever an earthquake or disaster occurs around the world the committee tries to respond quickly so that food, shelter and first aid are sent, but our priority is always to get supplies of clean drinking water in the disaster area as soon as possible. The most appropriate agencies to do this are the Rotary led Shelterbox and Aquabox Charities and we make donations to them throughout the year and occasionally with fund-raising events as we've done for the Haiti Earthquake, Pakistan Floods, Japanese Tsunami and the Philippine Typhoon. A third effective agency we have helped is Water Aid, a charity that drills wells and provides clean drinking water to Third World communities. We know that any money we give to these three organisations is spent solely on getting help to Third World communities.

The second area where we are active is providing financial assistance to local young people who want to go abroad to work with disadvantaged people on community, environmental or ecological projects, and we make a donation once our criteria of self funding has been achieved. We are active in inviting such requests from local young people and the committee considers them and usually make a donation. This type of work is often a life changing experience and instils in them an understanding of the needs of others less fortunate than themselves and a desire to be of service to others.