Youth Service


The Youth committee for 2018 - 2019 will be pursuing a number of projects -

Members: Shaun Green (Chair), Brian Mathson, Ray Hopkins, June Green, Monika Reynolds, Sarah Broom

  1. 1.    RYLA. Support for one candidate. Potential from Rotaractors, local businesses and others sought.

    2.    Youth Exchange. We will support this rewarding and entertaining venture but require candidates. Amongst other initiatives to foster support we will attempt to talk to years 11-13 at Abbey College with a maximum of 5 taking part. 

    3.    Young Citizen. We would like to support and reward a young citizen again this year and will contact Young Carers, CRUNCH Youth Club Young Leaders and other Youth organisations such as scouts, guides and cadets. Nominations welcomed.

    4.    Young RYLA14-16yrs. Hopefully more interest will be generated within the District this year and we wish to support at least 2 places.

    5.   School Competitions. We will once again try to broaden the interest from local schools in the area and continue to involve Upwood CP School.

    6.    Safety Zone. Club members will be asked to support the school sessions in November over 2-3 days.

    7.    Slam Jam. This is an excellent opportunity offered to Drama and English departments by the idea of a free thinking performance at Secondary School level – ‘giving young people a voice’.  Abbey College will be asked if any students would like to take part. Rotary then gets involved at semi- final level. 

    8.    Junior Technology Tournament.  Very successful in 2017-18 with 3 events held and one other planned (not to mention Rotarians own attempts to ‘experience the challenge’ one evening!).  We will pursue further with the intention of repeating this success and hopefully expanding its coverage to other schools.

    9.    Abbey College. As in past years we will invite the head and a tutor to a suitable meeting followed up by an informal meeting with tutors they identify in an attempt to foster relationships.

    10.Young Carers. We would like to assist and support the St Ives Rotary Club in taking a sponsored a group of Young Carers to an outward bound type course at Graham Water or maybe support such a scheme for Young Carers in our area. More information will be gleaned from St Ives members.

    11.Rotaract.This did not get off the ground in 2017-18 and without support it is not going to be effective. We are now also handicapped by the resignation of the support member.  A watching brief is recommended until tangible interest is shown by potential participants. 

    12.Rotary Stars.Still very popular in schools and a worthwhile project. 

    13.Rotations.Support for a trampoline club for them to purchase equipment and clothing has been requested by Huntingdon Cromwell Rotary Club who are applying for a district grant.

    14.Life EducationBus.Attended by members last year at Ashbeach School and thought it to be a worthwhile activity so we would like to repeat in 2018-19.

    15.Fishing Day.Preparations are well under way for a fishing day in August 25that Lakeside Lodge Golf Club, Pidley. We propose to provide a means of identifying  ‘Team Ramsey Rotary’ participants.

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