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The International Committee for 2018 - 2019 actions are -

The David School, Sierra Leone

Support David W with 2 car boot sales to fund a teacher at The David School. David has successfully run such sales in the past. The committee will support by collecting articles for sale and providing manpower on the day.

FNKD, Uganda

This is a joint project with Foundation and St Thomas a Beckett church. It's something that we attempted in 2017-18, but the funds weren't available. Hence, there's a desire to move this one forward in the second half of 2018.

Shelterbox + kits

Shelterbox challenge - details TBA.

Lend With Care

£200 was loaned through Lend With Care in 2017-18. Approx £50 has been repaid to date. The committee was very supportive of this concept as potentially we get "a bigger bang for our buck". Hence, the proposal that we increase our investment capital in LWC by £500.

Rotary Jaipur Limb Project

Sylvia visited this charity at work during her visit to India and was very impressed with what she saw. 

Purple Community Fund, Philippines

PCF was presented at the District Assembly in May 18. It's founder and CEO, Jane Walker, spoke very movingly and compellingly about what has been achieved. I'd like Jane to speak at one of our meetings. The main focus of the work of the Purple Community Fund is providing opportunities for the families living in urban slums in the Philippines.

Global Sight Solutions (Guildford Eye Project)

This well known Rotary project is working to build 50 new eye hospitals in India by 2020 and carry out 100,000 cataract operations per annum.

Malaria eradication

No specific project/charity has been identified at this stage. The fight against malaria is simply a theme that the committee wishes to pursue.


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