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In 2017 - 2018 the Com/Voc Committee will focus on a number of areas to offer support and assistance:

  1. The Calvert Trust - a suitable candidate will be sought to benefit from this.
  2. Kids Out in June 2018
  3. Ramsey Last Night of The Proms on Saturday 18th November 2017
  4. Spring Dine and Dance
  5. Life Skills Education Bus
  6. Safety Zone
  7. This is your environment: The Woodland Trust will provide, at a minimum, 30 trees for planting. ComVoc proposes to work with other groups, e.g. the Parish Council, on this. Further information will follow.
  8. Heartwize: This new project for the District Community Scheme aims to teach as many people as possible the CPR technique. A defibrillator is in planning for the Centre of Ramsey. Our contact details will be passed to the organisers with a view to discussing how we might work together. There is also a plan to build a register of the location of defibrillators in the area and whether they are registered with the Ambulance Service. 
  9. Grafham Water Sailability
  10. Santa Float 
  11. The Ramsey 1940s weekend - support by volunteering and to have our own stand too.
  12. Supporting other local organisations with their events/charitable collections

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