Bouncy Castles

Bouncy Castle Hire

We have two Bouncy castles for hire; a large one measuring 15 x 15 feet, and a smaller one at 12 x 12 feet.  The rates are £60 and £40 per day respectively.  Please make cheques payable to "Rotary Club of the Isles of Scilly", to be sent to Barry Archer, Anjeric, The Strand, St. Mary's TR21 0PS.  We won't invoice you unless requested.

Please note the following:

1) These are 'self drive' hires, with the hirer responsible for collection, supervision and set-up, also to return the castle to the Rotary storage location.  Packing and unpacking will need several fit adults!  Either of our local carriers will deliver and return the castle trailers if you do not have a suitable tow vehicle.

2) The castles are packed in trailers with a ball type tow hitch.

3) The blower units are electric, requiring an RCD protected mains power supply, so not suitable for use in damp conditions or when there is a chance of rain.

4) Castles should not be erected in windy or gusty conditions.

5) The Rotary Club strongly recommends that hirers take out suitable public liability insurance, as all responsibilty for damage or injury rests with the hirer.

6) The hirer agrees to follow the safe operation guidelines shown below..

To hire a castle, please contact Tony Dingley on 01720 422327 or email

Guidelines for the Safe Operation of the Bouncy Castle follow:

1.        Carry out an inspection of the Castle prior to use for damage or sharp protrusions.   If in
doubt do not operate the Castle. Advise the I.O.S. Rotary Club immediately of any damage
to the equipment.

2.        Select an appropriate site for the Castle, allowing sufficient room all around to separate the
public from the equipment.   Where large crowds are expected a perimeter fence should be
erected (1.8m to 2.5m from closed sides, and 3.5m to 4m from open side, with a 1m wide
gateway to the Castle)

3.        Ensure all anchorage points are used at all times, using the anchor stakes provided or some
equally effective form of anchorage (e.g. to static vehicles). The guy ropes should be
reasonably loose. The Castle should not be erected in high winds.

4.     Ensure the blower is adequately secured to the Castle, and keep the public away from the

5.        Ensure sufficient attendants are on duty to operate the Castle safely, both to control access
and egress of the public to and from the device and to supervise the operation of the device.
It is particularly important that a responsible person, capable of exercising authority over
users of the Castle, supervises the use of the equipment at all times,  someone collecting
money cannot adequately supervise the bouncers.

6.        Users must be admitted to the Castle in a safe and controlled manner.  The operator should:
(i) ensure that all users remove their footwear {except socks) and any other hard sharp or
dangerous objects from their person, such as pens, purses, etc.  spectacles are best
removed ;

(ii) not allow anyone to bounce on the step/front apron.  The step is to assist the users in

getting on and off the Castle;

(iii) not allow anyone to climb or hang on the outside of the walls;

(iv) not allow users who are taller than the outside walls when standing on the inflated

bouncing surface to use the device.

7.        It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the equipment is not over-loaded. The
number of users at any one time should be limited to that figure which allows each user
enough room to play safely.

8.        To avoid larger children crushing smaller ones operate a rota system.  Strictly no adults or
children 14 years or older allowed on the Castle.

9.    Control the behaviour of users and take action at the first sign of any misbehaviour.   Rough
horseplay, acrobatics or eating on the Castle should not be allowed.

10.    Non-inflatable gym mats or equivalent soft landing material (minimum thickness 3cm,
maximum 5cm) should be provided to cover any hard surfaces adjacent to all open sides and

11.    Any damage sustained is the responsibility of the hirer.

The Rotary Club of The Isles of Scilly strongly advises the operator to take out adequate public liability insurance.  Insurance can be provided through a number of companies such as this one:  as used by one of our recent hirers.  Rotary has no practical experience with this company, and so cannot actually recommend it!