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Rotary Club of Fareham celebrates its 70th Anniversary

Fareham Rotary celebrates 70 years of Service
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Adding value to Communities

RI President Ravi has asked Rotarians to "Be a Gift to the World". Someone gave each Rotarian a great gift when they asked him or her to Join Rotary.  Collectively we improve lives and enjoy ourselves at the same time. What a powerful combination that is!

Working with others we achieve more than working alone.  We are forming partnerships and working relationships with other organisations and we will continue with this development.

Rotary started a drive to rid the world of Polio and we have stuck with the task through many challenges.  We cannot relax until the job is complete since if we don’t, there is the chance the disease will return.

Through our own charity, The Rotary Foundation, we are able to get much more done for the money we raise for international Rotary  projects aimed at promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers and children and growing local communities.  The need for work in theses crucial areas will not diminish in the foreseeable future.

Based on a an article by Peter Davey,  President of RIBI 2015-2016

What does Fareham Rotary do with your money?

What do Fareham Rotarians do with the voluntary time they give?

HERE ARE SOME PAST EVENTS   Recent events can be found in separate pages on right and under 'What We Do' -  'Press reports' - Fareham Rotary in action-

Take special needs children fromSpecial schools in Fareham to the Rotary KidsOut Day at Paultons Park and Marwell Zoo

Assist with the work of the Fareham branch of Canine Partners


Work in partnership with the Stubbington Study Centre to enable the participation of Hampshire children whose parents can not afford the monetary contribution

We built, maintain and operate The Wheelhouse, a community facility adjacent to the foreshore at Hill Head for days out to be enjoyed by many organisations such as the Fareham Stroke Club. Some 150 days taken up each year.

With Rotary being an International organisation we sometimes receive funds contributed by overseas Rotary Clubs and on occasions we support a humanitarian project of an overseas Club such as a hospital in an outlying location in India.


Our primary overseas focus has for many years been on ridding the World of Polio and we are almost there.




Fareham Rotary supports the 'Rotary Youth  Leadership Award' scheme