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             The Rotary Club,  Dublin                    

      Founded, 22nd February 1911.No. 1 Club Europe

The Dubliner

‘All the news that’s fit to print’

President: Bernadette Mulvey                      VOLUME 24 ISSUE 15                                                   Editors:                                                

Hon. Sec.: Tony Keegan                                                                                                                  Alan Harrison       

Telephone: 087 2442818                             October 16th, 2017                                                  Frank Bannister                                                                                                                             David Booth


Today speaker is Emma Murphy of Merchant’s Quay (Trust grant recipient).

Forthcoming Speakers and Events


Oct 23rd         Bob Semple, SUAS

Oct 26th         Italian Cookery Night

Oct 30th         Bank Holiday

Nov 6th          Nick Henderson, Irish Refugee Council

Nov 13th        Trinity Access Programme (Trust grant)

Nov 20th        SGM

Nov 26th        Inner Wheel Christmas charity lunch

Nov 27th        Carmel O’Connor, St Andrew’s Centre (Trust grant)

Dec 11th        Christmas lunch.


PP Tom O’Neill introduced three non-Rotarian visitors.  Sonia Crepaldi from Brazil, Tom’s wife Maura and Shannon McCormack introduced by Frank Bannister.       

Honorary Secretary’s Announcements

Honorary Secretary Tony Keegan had received 11 apologies for non-attendance.

Hon. Sect Tony informed the club of a number of decisions of the October Council. These were:

·       Extension of the leave of absence for PP Paul Loughlin;

·       Veronica Kunovska is currently updating the club’s website;

·       PP Pam is to make direct contact with the Garda Vetting Bureau having had no cooperation from the District 1160 designated person (who may now no longer be a member of Rotary);

·       There are six outstanding annual subscriptions;

·       The accounts were approved subject to some minor amendments;

·       A motion of thanks to PP Ted and his fellow trustees for their work on the distribution of Trust funds was passed;

·       Trustee Alan Davidson has written to all Trust fund grant recipients asking them to confirm that the Trust grant will be applied solely for the purposes that they originally requested.;

·       Foundation chair Delma Sweeny is examining each member’s contribution to Foundation. Members are required to give €100 per annum to Foundation;

·       There will be an evening meeting in November (in addition to the usual luncheon meetings) to assist members who find it difficult to attend at lunchtime. The venue will be the IFC Vaults. Prospective members will also be invited.

·       Finally, a stick microphone will be used on a trial basis for the next few weeks.

Report from District Conference

President Bernadette reported from the District conference which had been held in Belfast. Eight representatives (including partners) of our club had attended. Bernadette opened by noting that Claire Savage, who had won a competition to drive in an Aston Martin, had said that she was stopped by the Guards, not for speeding, but because they were interested in knowing how much she had paid for the car. Claire now moved from Belfast. She works with ITV who have moved her back to mainland UK. She is, however, still a Rotarian.

President Bernadette remarked on how good the timekeeping had been at the conference. PP Ted had been in charge of the traffic lights so everything had operated smoothly. There had several outstanding speakers. Amongst the most inspiring was Bill Wolsey owner of the five star Merchant Hotel as well as over 40 pubs. He is a former Arsenal footballer and he opened his first pub 39 years ago. He told us about being in business during the troubles and about surviving during that period. Bill also gives talks in schools, colleges and prisons. He will be opening in a hotel in Dublin shortly.

Another fine speaker was Molly Comish, RIBI young citizen of the year 2017. She is from Bray and started giving out “dignity packs”to the homeless in her area a number of years ago. She has now extended this work and has, to date, given out over 1000 such parcels. Bernadette has invited her to speak at the evening meeting planned in November. Paul McLean was another interesting contributor. He is a stroke survivor and he was only 40 when he had his stroke in June 2016. This left him with speaking difficulties. Bernadette had been inspired by him. A teacher and an actor, he is raising awareness of the link between high blood pressure and strokes. There was a facility to test one’s blood pressure at the conference and Bernadette had her’s checked – fortunately it is fine.

Other speakers included David Glover and Nicola Hinds who told conference about Shelter Box, Philippa Hope who talked about the East Japan earthquake and Jean Best, peace officer for district 1020. The most entertaining speaker had been Professor Jim Dorner who is an gynaecologist and whose son is awell known actor. He had helped found North Down Rotary club in the 1980s. His talk was about women and how they can be their own worst enemies.

At the formal district meeting on the Saturday evening the problems with the Roster were raised.  Members will be pleased to know that complaints are being taken on board. Problems included honorary members not being listed in some clubs. The Roster is to be re-visited.

The Saturday night entertainment after the formalities had been energetic though the music was exceedingly loud, too loud for dancing. Another social highlight had been the Friday evening meeting with the Belfast club which had been enjoyable and informative. Next year’sDistrict conference will be on the last weekend of September. PE Brian George endorsed what President Bernadette had said. He had been told by a former president that he could expect to be bored to tears at the conference, but he had found it enjoyable and entertaining with great speakers and camaraderie.

PP Paul Martin recalled that the club had arranged a blood pressure testing session a few years ago.  It might be time to organise another.  He recalled the 1980s as a bleak time for business. There was not a tourist in town. His firm had been invited to tender for a H-block protest T-shirt, but he had turned the business away. President Bernadette agreed that it had been a dark period.

On the lighter side, President Bernadette said that she had to have her photograph taken, but as she had not brought her chain to Dublin with her she had to borrow one from another president. This turned out to be the President of the Enniskillen club and it was an unusual chain in that it had no names on it - just two symbols of gates. Bernadette was told that this was the club’s dress chain and it alone was insured for €8000 so she handed it back as soon as she could. PP Ted said that he hoped that Bernadette kept the Dublin chain somewhere safe - for example in her shed.  Bernadette did not think that her shed would be a particularly safe place; she keeps it in the office because nobody is ever going to break in to the Revenue! PE Brian George added the miscellaneous piece of information that the President of Enniskillen and is also President of Toastmasters.

Finally Veronica said that she had visited the Dublin Viking club a couple of times recently, once for the morning and once for an evening meeting (where they had a speaker on the history of Morocco). At one of these meetings there were only four members and three guests. The club is struggling to attract members who find the early morning meetings difficult to get to.