Leonardo Da Vinci

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The annual Leonardo da Vinci Award was established in 1975 by the Rotary Club of Florence as an annual international prize named after Leonardo da Vinci, to be presented to young people involved in the study of the sciences, technology, literature and the arts.

Among the disciplines recognised and rewarded so far have been paintingsculpturemusicgeologyarchitecturemedicine and nuclear physics 

This award is usually held in late May, early June each year and consists of the following: 

Friday evening a home hospitality by a member of the host Rotary club. 

Saturday the award to the young talented participant takes place and this is followed by lunch and in the evening by a Gala Dinner. 

The weekend finishes on Sunday with a farewell lunch.

Today, 11 (eleven) Rotary Clubs in Europe participate in this Award’s ceremony, namely:-

·            R. C. of  Athinai, (Greece) (1975)

·            R. C. of  Firenze, Italy (1975)

·            R. C. of  Tours, France (1975)

·            R. C. of  Wien-Ring, Viena Austria (1975)

·            R. C. of  Madrid, Spain (1981)

·            R. C. of  Bruxelles, Belgium (1983)

·            R. C. of  Würzburg, Germany (1984)

·            R. C. of  London, England (1984)

·            R. C. of  Amsterdam, Netherlands (1989)

·            R. C. of  Dublin, Ireland (2006)

.            R.C. of Copenhagen, Denmark,  (2016)

(the year in the parenthesis indicates the entrance date of each Club)

The “Leonardo Da Vinci” award is presented by a different Club every year in the city of the corresponding club.    The Rotary Club of Dublin had the pleasure of presenting this award in 2011 (it’s one-hundredth anniversary).