Club Newsletter


The Club has its own newsletter "NEWSROUND"

You can download copies in PDF form by clicking the relevant link.

The latest is at the top of the list.

2014   Spring 2014.pdf         Summer 2014.pdf               Autumn 2014.pdf

2013    Spring 2013.pdf            Summer 2013.pdf            Autumn 2013.pdf           Winter 2013.pdf

2012    Spring 2012.pdf          Summer 2012.pdf             Autumn 2012.pdf           Winter 2012.pdf

2011     Spring 2011.pdf          Summer 2011.pdf            Autumn 2011.pdf           Winter 2011.pdf

2010     Spring 2010.pdf          Summer 2010.pdf            Autumn 2010.pdf            Winter 2010.pdf

2009     Spring 2009.pdf          Summer 2009.pdf            Autumn 2009.pdf            Winter 2009.pdf

2008     Spring 2008.pdf          Summer 2008.pdf            Autumn 2008.pdf            Winter 2008.pdf

2007     Spring 2007.pdf          Summer 2007.pdf            Autumn 2007.pdf            Winter 2007.pdf

2006      Spring 2006.pdf         Summer 2006.pdf            Autumn 2006.pdf            Winter 2006.pdf