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This Committee is chaired by the President Elect. Its role is to recruit, retain and support memebrs of the Club. In the current year, the Committee is organising the members' Christmas Meal, the President's Night and visits to other clubs and their events

19 May 2015

Lynda was an apology, but it was noted since our last Club night two new members, Andrew Johnston and Elizabeth Jamieson, had been welcomed into the Club and another potential member was being processed. 

21 April 2015

Lynda reported that two potential members were presently being processed and another proposal form had been received tonight with someone else expressing interest.

17 March 2015

         1. Welcome to David McNaughton as our newest Member to the Club.

         2. Liz and Andrew have been given their membership papers to join

         3. Janette Titley and Rachel have intimated they may also join

17 February 2015

[a]  Lynda reported that  she had met Kevin Ryalls, the new Rector Galashiels Academy and he was keen to speak about Corporate Membership of the Club.   This will be progressed.

          [b]  The Cheese and Wine evening Friday coming and so 35 had intimated that they were attending.

20 January 2015

]  Lynda reported that the fee had been agreed in respect of Corporate Membership to the Club.  A New Rector had been appointed at The Academy and she hoped to call there and meet him and finalise the situation of Corporate Membership with them.   It had been agreed the any fees for this membership should not be initiated until the new Rotary/Academic year.

          [b]  Bill, Alastair and Lynda had met to arrange a Cheese and Wine evening and this will take place on Friday, 20th February, 2015 at 7pm.   Arrangements are to be finalised, but up is hoped that members with supply the cheeses.    The purpose of this event is to try and introduce new members to the Club.   

8 July 2014

[a]   Lynda reported that she was still looking into how a Corporate Membership to the Club could be set up.

       [b]   After the excellent talk tonight by Peter, Council were in favour of implementing Club Visioning.     

10 June 2014

The only item reported was from Lynda was the interest from Galashiels Acadamy in respect of Corporate Membership of the Club.   Two other Clubs in District have initiated this procedure and Lynda is looking into how this scheme has been set up in respect of these Clubs.     

13 May 2014

[a]   President Isobel intimated that she had just received a letter from Duncan McCosh, tendering his   resignation from Rotary.   He had explained that he had been asked to take up two appointments through the Church which would commit him to a lot of work at night, which would make it virtually impossible to attend Rotary.   However, he is willing to help in any events and would continue as liaison with St. Peters School, if the Club agreed.   Rae is to send Duncan a letter, thanking him for all the work he had done in the Club since he joined over ten years ago.

[b]   Steven intimated that he had circulated a list indicating the dates when each member had to arrange a speaker.   He felt that this would produce some interesting Speakers and Subjects.   

11 February 2014

Steven reported that between 55 and 60 persons have indicated that they will be attending the Presidents Night on Friday, 21st February at Gala Rugby Club premises at Netherdale.   Some replies are still awaited and some members have still to indicate if they are attending.   Rae was ask to send an e-mail to Club Members who have not indicated their intentions to let Isobel, Steven or Rae know by next Tuesday night [18th] so that catering and seating arrangements can be finalised.   Could members also consider giving prizes fro the raffle by next Tuesday night or on the night itself.   All donations will be gratefully received.

21 January 2014

[a]   Steven reported that there is the possibility of two potential members and they had been invited to the Club in the next week or so.   While this is good news, Steven went on to say that it was still highly desirable that we be made aware of other potential members.  

[b]   Arrangements are well in hand for the Presidents Night on Friday, 21st February, 2014.   The price of the tickets is 25.00, the same as last year and the menu will be the same.   One or two members will be away on RIBI business that night, after a date change and this is why the District Governor will neot be able to attend.   Steven asks that the rest of the Club consider attending in support of President Isobel..

8 October 2013

[a]The Rotary quiz , the first round of the plate against North Berwick hopefully to be held on the 22nd of October but still to be confirmed

[b] Steven is to e-mail members again regarding the urgency to suggest new members.

[c] The Christmas raffle is now under way.

(d) The Presidents Night is booked at the Gala Rugby club Friday the 21st of February .

[e] Isobel added that she had contacted Sheila Scott regarding cash being raised at the Christmas Carol Service going to the the Lavender Touch . Sheila was thrilled and said it will bring a lovely end to their tenth anniversary year.

[d] It will be a scatter week for those not wishing to attend the Charity Night on 29th October, 2013.


10 September 2013

[a]   Steven reported that in his drive to find new members, he had sent out and e-mail to all members to send him suggestions, but was very disappointed to receive no replies.

[b]   It had been proposed that on partners night to hold a special raffle to raise funds to pay for meals for any potential members visiting, so that members were not out of pocket.   The last partners night raised 20.00.

[c]   President Isobel  intimated that the proceeds of the raffle at the Presidents Night on Friday, 25th February, 2014 will be for Calls for Heroes, whilst the cash raised from the Christmas Eve Carol Service will be for the Lavender Touch.  

[d]   Isobel also felt that the visit of the District Governor  this evening had gone very well and that she wished to record her thanks to John Millar and Peter Croan for their excellent presentations, highlighting the activities of the Club.

[e]   It was also reported that  there are still eleven members/partners attending the District Conference at Ayr.

14 May 2013

[a]   Isobel reported that eight members are going on the coming Club visit to Selkirk.

[b]   A barbecue has been arranged for the Presidents Handover on 25th June, 2013.

[c]   The Committees for the coming year will be published next week.   Evan was down to chair the Community and Vocational Committee for next year, but with his letter of resignation tonight, this post has become vacant.   Duncan kindly volunteered to take this post tonight and Club agreed.

[d]   Isobel reported that Patricia was hoping to arrange an event in the Public Park, Galashiels where there would be stalls, bouncy castles etc.    It was hoped to hold this on either 4th or 18th August, 2013.  Council suggested that the most convenient date would be the 18th.   Patricia will explain her ideas to Club next week for their consideration.

9 April 2013

[a]   William is arranging a Club visit to Selkirk.  More details later.

[b]  The next partners night is on 30th April and the sheet will be put on the board next week.

[c]   Isobel expressed her thanks to Dave Romanis for all his work arranging the accommodation for the District Conference at Ayr in October.   There are six Club members and partners attending.

[d]  The Club AGM is on 14th May; the Club Assembly on 4th June and the Handover is on 25th June, 2013.

13 March 2013

[a]   Isobel felt the Presidents Night had been a great success and wished to express her thanks to everyone who cont that a special thanks should go to Elizabeth and Patricia for setting up the tables in the afternoon.

 [b]   Isobel reported that there will be a Border PETS Meeting on the night of Tuesday, 9th April, 2013 at Galashiels after our meeting.

{c}   Lynda Stoddart has intimated that she will have to stand down as Junior Vice President,due to her husbands  impending contract in Saudia Arabia.   Stephen Henderson has been nominated Junior Vice President.   This was agreed by Club and Steven has accepted.

[d]   It is hoped to have a Club Visit to Selkirk in early May. 

12 February 2013

[a]   Isobel reported that 76 Rotarians and guests are attending the Presidents Night on Friday,15th February, 2013 at Gala Rugby Club.   The proceeds of the raffle will be going to a charity for PND [Post Natal Depression] which is based in Elm Row, Galashiels.

[b]   Isobel, along with Lynda had attended a PETS  Meeting [Presidents Elect Training Seminar] at Carluke last Saturday and felt it was very worthwhile.

[c]   Next years visit from the District Governor will be on Tuesday, 10th September, 2013.

13 January 2013

[a]   Isobel reported that arrangements were well in hand for the Presidents Night on Friday, 15th February, 2013 at Gala Rugby Club and the tickets were 25.00 per head.   is going to call at Netherdale to see when we can gain access on the day to set things up.

[b]   The next round of the District Plate Quiz will take place at Haddington on Tuesday, 22nd February, 2013 and the team has been selected.

[c]   Isobel is also due to attend a PETS  Meeting [Presidents Elect Training Seminar] at Carluke on Saturday, 2nd February, 2013.

9 October 2012

[a]  The first round of the Rotary Quiz plate against North Berwick will be held on Tuesday the 23rd of October at home .

[b]   Isobel has asked the hotel for a menu for the Christmas meal on the 18th of December, so that the members committee can discuss to allow the menu to be circulated at the next partners night on the 30th  October, 2012.

[c]   The Christmas raffle is now under way

11 September 2012

[a]   Isobel thanked everyone for their help at the special meeting for potential new members.  Two had attended and both appeared to be very interested in Rotary.

[b]   The last Tuesday in October will be a partners night.

[c]   The Quiz Team lost their encounter with the Dunbar Club and now await to hear who they meet in the Plate Competition.

7 August 2012

[a] Isobel reported that she has booked Friday, 15th February, 2013 for the Presidents Night at Gala Rugby Club.
The District Governor will be sent an invitation.
[b] The first round of the District Quiz will take place at Dunbar on Monday, 20th August, 2012.
[c] The night for potential new members is going ahead on Tuesday, 4th September, 2012.

10 July 2012

[a]   Isobel reported that a new member, Patricia Paterson, was inducted into the Club on Tuesday, 3rd June, 2012, a very welcome addition.   She will be mentored by Elizabeth.

[b]   Isobel intends to have a night for potential new members on Tuesday, 4th September, 2012.

[c]    It is hoped to hold the Presidents Night on Friday, 15th February, 2013.   Isobel will speak to Gordon Keddie to confirm.

14 February 2012

[a]    Andrew  had sent his apologies, but Council felt that he and his Committee and helpers should be congratulated on their excellent arrangements for the Presidents night at Gala Rugby Club on Friday, past,    Everyone felt the meal was very good and everyone appeared to have enjoyed themselves.

[b]    A number of members/partners are attending the Kelso Rotary Presidents night on Saturday 25th February, 2012.

10 January 2012

[a]     Andrew  reported that  arrangements for the Presidents night at Gala Rugby Club on Friday, 10th February, 2012 were    well in hand.   An invite had also been sent to the Rotary Club of Carluke.

[b]    Andrew felt that the Xmas Dinner in the hotel had been a great success, enjoyed by all.

[c]    Seven members/partners are attending the Kelso Rotary Clubs 40th Dinneron 19th January, 2012.

[d]    The next round of the District Quiz Plate will be a Kelso on 26th January, 2012.

[e]    Tuesday, 24th January, 2012 will be the Club Burns Night.   John Gray will be doing the Immortal Memory and Alastair Christie with addressing the Haggis

8 November 2011

[a] Andrew reported that the menu for President's night at Gala Rugby Club on Friday, 10th February, 2012 had been agreed with President Elizabeth.

[b] The first round of the Quiz Plate will be held on 22nd November, 2011 when we play Edinburgh Park at home. Five of their members are coming down.

[c] Arrangements were being made with regard to the Christmas meal and the menu will be issued on 29th November,2011 and the orders will be taken the week before the event.

[d] The Christmas Raffle was now well under way.

[e] Arrangements are under way for Burns Night.

11 October 2011

Andrew Brown reported on the following items :-

(a)     The Christmas Raffle is now underway and the raffle tickets will be on sale now every week until drawn  at the Christmas Meal.

(b)    The booking has been made with the hotel for the Christmas Meal.

(c)     Isobel will be approaching Chris Achenbach to play the piano for us as usual.

(d)    The menu for the Presidents Night still to be agreed with President Elizabeth.

(e)     Arrangements for Burn's Night are being drawn up.

(f)     A Club & Membership Committee Meeting is to be held on Tues 18th October at 17.30hrs. 

13 September 2011

Andrew reported that the President's night at Gala Rugby Club will be held on Friday, 10th February, 2012 and at the moment his committee were checking suitable menus and will report further in due course.

[b] It was intended to arrange visits to other clubs in the area and Andrew felt that it was appropriate to make the first of such visits to Lauder and to see if we can help them out in any way. Other club visits would follow.

[c] Arrangements were being made with regard to the Christmas meal.

[d] It is intended to start the Christmas Raffle in October.

[19 Aprill 2011

[a]    Elizabeth had previously reported that it was her Committee's intentions to send out letters to potential new members inviting them to visit the Club when convenient.    This list had now been drawn up, shown and agreed by Council and would be sent out soon.   These were merely invitations to these persons to come and join us at a club meeting[s].

[b]    Evan Wylie was inducted into the Club on 29th March, 2011.

[c]    Elizabeth intimated that her 'Team' for the Rotary Year 2011/2012 would be Murray Thom, Treasurer; Rae Hastings, Secretary;  Andrew Brown, Membership; Isobel Johnson,  Community and Vocational;  Ian MacDonnell, International and Foundation;  Lynda Stoddart, Youth Opportunities; Alastair Christie, PR, and Tom Ingoldsby, Webmaster.

[d]    Elizabeth also reported that, by arrangement with the hotel,  the meals at our Club meetings would be changing from soup to sweets as from the first Tuesday in  May.         

8 March 2011

[a]    Murray  reported that afterall the accounts had been paid in regard of the President's Night on 19th October, 2011, a surplus of 45.00 was made on the night.   This was an excellent result and many thanks to Elizabeth and her Committee for their arrangements for a very successful night.

[b]    Elizabeth reported that David McCracken had been inducted into the club that tonight and that a seven day notice for another potential new member had been also been issued.  

[c]    Elizabeth intimated that  the Club AGM would be on 10th May, 2011; the Club Assembly would be on 24th May and the Handover would be on 28th June.

[d]    Elizabeth also reported that it was her Committee's intentions to send out letters to potential new members inviting them to visit the Club when convenient.

[e]    Elizabeth also reported that she had recently attended a PETS Meeting [President Elect Training Seminar]

8 February 2011

[a]    Elizabeth reported  that arrangements for the President's Night on Saturday, 19th February, 2011 were still well in hand.    The cost will be 25.00 per ticket, the same as last year.   Raffle prizes will be  required,  please !!!

[b]    A Proposal for Membership Form has been received tonight and will be progressed.  

[c]   The hotel have enquired as to the possibility of having, perhaps two meetings a year with Membership  Services, to ascertain if the Club is satisfied with the service given or otherwise.   Council felt that this would be in the best interests of the club.    

13 July 2010

Elizabeth reported that she had not yet had a meeting with her Committee.   However, she had had notification from Duncan Brown that after many, many years, possibly over 25, he would like to pass his Attendance Officer duties and the running of the 40 Club over to someone else.    He will be a very hard act to follow, but Elizabeth hopes to have the matter resolved as soon as possible.