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The International & Foundation Committee has a major fundraising role to assist with Rotary's international projects.

It will be organising collections at Tesco and Asda for international causes. During the year, the Committee also looks at the needs of areas where natural disasters have occurred and recommends the purchase of aid boxes.

Within the Club, the Committee raises money for The Rotary Foundation, Rotary's international charity, through the monthly Lucky Squares, Nifty Fifties and raffles

10 November 2015

[a] Bill reported that he was getting in touch with Tesco to finalise arrangements for the Collection on Saturday/Sunday, 12th/13th December, 2015 and what requirements they would need from us.

The arrangements for Santa’s Grotto was still to be finalised.

[b] Council re-iterated the position with Mary’s Meals and the fact that we hoped to send £300.00 in advance of the Carol Service, which would then be doubled up. Obviously the amount thereafter collected at the Carol Service would be returned to Club Funds, hopefully £300.00.

19 May 2015

[a]  Bill reported that Club had agreed to the purchase of another Shelterbox, this time for the earthquake disaster in Nepal and he had sent off a cheque for £600.00.

[b]  There had now been further contact from the Rotary Club of Portobello regarding the Moldova project, which we had already contributed.   They are now in a position to send the form to District 1020 for a District Grant for 2015/16.   At the moment, 16 Clubs in District, including Galashiels, have provided £6650.00 for the project.   The Portobello Club are gratified to receive this amount and the fact that all the Clubs have stuck by them in spite of the delays in pulling out of a Global Grant application.

21 April 2015

[a] To date Bill has still had no information from the Portobello Club regarding the up to date situation on the Moldova Project, but will let the Club know as soon as he hears anything.
[b] Bill also reported that a cheque for £600.00 had been sent to Shelter Box to be sent to help with the recent cyclone disaster in the Far East [Vanatu]. He had then been contacted by Shelterbox by ‘phone, who asked if cash put be towards Shelter Kits, which supplied tools for rebuilding which was the most urgent need. On behalf of the Club, Bill had agreed to this suggestion.  

17 March 2015

[a]  To date Bill has no information from The Portobello Club regarding refunding the money the Club sent for  the Moldova project. He will let us know as soon as he hears anything.

[b]   Tom spoke about the Shelter Box appeal on Facebook and the recent cyclone disaster and the Club decided to do something to help. Murray mentioned money can be set away now so it was proposed by the Club that £590 to be given to Shelter Box – Bill Z to post this away.

17 February 2015

[a]  Bill  reported that the dates for the Tesco Collection this year had been confirmed as  Saturday/

      Sunday, 12th/13th December, 2015.   The Charity/Cause to benefit from this collection will be decided    before this time and Bill is open to suggestions.

[b]  The Portobello Club have informed us of a problem with the Moldova project regarding grants.   We will await the outcome of a meeting they are having near the end of February with a possible outcome of them returning our donation. 

[c]   The Club has received letters of thanks from both Mary’s Meals and the President of the Marlow Club for their Ebola project.

20 January 2015

Bill reported that the Saturday date for the Tesco Collection had to be changed to 6th December, 2014, whilst the Sunday date remained as arranged on 30th November, 2014. This was certainly to our benefit.
A total of 1000.00 was collected over the two days and as reported earlier, in the Treasurer’s Report, this will be split equally between Water Filters and an Ebola Water project. Bill went on to thank everyone who had helped over the two days. The cheques to the two beneficiaries have been issued tonight and will be sent off. Bill has already written to Tesco, thanking them for their help.

8 July 2014

[a]   Bill reported that Elizabeth had written to Tesco for dates for the annual collection, but it will have    to be in November as there are no available dates in December.

[b]   As agreed, 250.00 has been sent to Duncan McCosh to top up to cash he had raised through St.Peter’s Church for a piped water project at St. Matthew’s School in Tamale, Northern Ghana.   An e-mail of thanks had been received from Duncan.

10 June 2014

 It was reported that the Charity shop set up in Channel Street [Arcade]  from Monday, 12th May to Saturday, 17th May, 2014 had been a great success, and after floats etc. had been deducted, had made just under 1000.00.   This was an excellent effort and thanks are due to everyone who helped or assisted in any way to towards to this excellent effort.   As this event had been a joint effort between the Community and International Committees, it was felt that the proceeds should be split 50/50

13 May 2014

It was reported that the Charity shop had been set up in Channel Street [Arcade]  on Monday, 12th May, and being open from Wednesday, 14th to Saturday, 17th May, 2014.   There appears to have been a lot of good items donated and a good sale was expected.   Help would be required on Saturday, 17th about 4pm to help close the shop and clear up.   [It is understood that a substantial amount has been raised, but the exact totalt will be reported at our next meeting]

11 February 2014

Elizabeth was an apology, but it is known she passed the cheque for 500.00 from the Tesco collection to Wateraid.

21 January 2014

Elizabeth was an apology, but later sent Rae an e-mail in which wished to express her thanks to the Club Members for their support at the Tesco Collection last month, which raised 500.00 for Community Water Filters and 500.00 for Jaipur Limb.   She was also grateful to the members of the ATC who came along to help with the collection. 

8 October 2013

Elizabeth reported that the proceeds from the Tesco collection on the Saturday/Sunday,14th/15th of December, 2013, will go to Rotary Jaipur Limb and to a Community Aqua Filter .


10 September 2013

thatThere has been a meeting of the Committee and they discussed the need to try and support community water pumps and the Rotary Jaipur Limb charity, which now providing arms to amputees.    Methods of fundraising were discussed and these included the possibility of a duck race and BBQ in May and also holding a quiz.   Elizabeth had also been trying to contact Amy Bryson at ASDA for the past week, but without success.   She was hoping to book a bag packing or collect day as soon as possible, to try and raise cash for Shelterboxes, to support the deepening refugee crisis in Syria.

10 June 2013

It was noted that the main International Event would be the Tesco Collection on Saturday/Sunday,  14th/15th, December, 2013

14 May 2013

Dave reported that the next planned International Event would be the Tesco Collection on Saturday/Sunday,  14th/15th, December, 2013.

13 March 2013

[a]   Dave intimated that the  Club had agreed to purchase four Community Aqua Boxes  at a cost of 1000.00.  it was felt that this should be done through Pastor Ebonga of the Safe Water Trust.   This was where the last boxes were sent which resulted in a video from Pastor Ebonga thanking St. Peters School and  Galashiels Rotary Club for their donations.  

12 February 2013

[a]   Dave reported that the collection at Asda on Saturday, 2nd February, 2013  has raised the sum of 203.00 and he wished to thank everyone who had helped out on the day.   then expressed his thanks to Dave and Vi for sorting out the cash [mainly small change] which made his job much easier.

[b]   Dave intimated that the above collection and the collection from Tesco in December had raised a total of 663.00, which was for the purchase of Aqua boxes/filters.   He has been in touch with Aqua Box and learned that they now produce an ‘Aqua Box Gold’ at a cost of 250, which was for community use.   There is another for a family which costs 120.00.   Dave felt that the Club should supply community boxes from the cash raised and if we added 87.00 , this would make the total up to 750.00, or three community boxes.   This was agreed by Council.

 13 January 2013

[a]   Dave again reminded the Club that there is a collection at Asda on Saturday, 2nd February, 2013 and the sheet requesting ‘volunteers’ will be on the board next week.   We will only be allowed two collectors at a time.

[b]   Dave produced a letter confirming the dates of the Tesco Collection next year as Saturday/Sunday, 14/15th December, 2013. 

11 September 2012

a]   Norman intimated that the information and order forms for the Foundation Christmas cards had been received and had been put on the board for orders to be submitted.

[b]   Norman also intimated that Duncan had spoken to him about his forthcoming trip to Ghana.   One of his visits there, is to an eye clinic, which is looking for funds.   Duncan was wondering if the Club could help in any way.   He had mentioned Matching Grant with a Club in that area.   Council wondered if this was a Matching Grant through Rotary Foundation, which is a lengthy process, or is it simply a Club in the area of the eye clinic matching anything which our Club donates.   Obviously for clarification.  

7 August 2012

Norman was an apology and there was no report, but President Andrew intimated that he himself had been in touch with Asda, to arrange a collection there.

10 July 2012

[a]   Norman intimated that the Bottle draw is now finished, but had raised the superb total of 600.00.

[b]   Norman has still not been able to see the person regarding the allocation of Collection days at Tesco but will keep trying.

[c]   It would appear that Asda will be now more accommodating, should we wish to have a collection.

12 June 2012

[a]   Norman intimated that the Bottle draw had raised 536.00 to date.

[b]   It is the intention to the Committee to focus on a water project next year and will work in conjunction with the children of St Peters school who will be involved with aquabox.

[c]   Final arrangements to circulate the Bugsy Box to all schools will be made at the start of the new  term in August.

[d]   Norman has still not been able to see the person regarding the allocation of Collection days at  Tesco but will keep trying.

14 February 2012

[a]    intimated that Tescos are now only allocating one day per Charity or Cause.   We had asked for the weekend Saturday/Sunday, 1th/2nd December, 2012.   [Notification has now been received that Saturday, 1st December, 2012 has already been allocated and the Rotary Club can only have Sunday, 2nd December, 2012].

[b]    The bottle draw is progressing well as usual, keeping up with our high standards   has been promised some bottles for this draw, but more are required.

10 January 2012

[a]    Norman intimated that he has received a receipt from Shelter Box thanking the Club for the recent donation of 1200.00 and they will let us know where these boxes are going or the means to find out.   

[b]    The 1000.00 sent to Aqua Boxes/Filters had also been acknowledged.    65.00 was raised by St.Peter’s School pupils at a carol service.   It was suggested that this be made up to 200.00 which would send a box to a school in Rwanda and at the same time put St. Peter’s School in touch with that school.

[c]    The usual bottle raffle was starting on 24th January, 2012.

[d]    Norman is now the Borders representative for Shelter Box and has two boxes in his garage for demonstration purposes by Border Clubs.   He or Peter will also have a Water Filter box available.

8 November 2011

a] Norman had noted the correspondence with the Dalbeattie Club in respect of the cheque for the lapsed Sudan Water Project.

[b] Correspondence had been received from Agnes Ritchie, District International Convener to the effect that she had recently attended a Seminar on Water Aid. One of the items which had come from this was a Sand Dam Project in the Horn of Africa area. She had felt it was a very worthwhile project and was hoping that all Clubs in District would support it along with those in the other two Scottish Districts.

[c] The Tesco Collection is due to take place on Saturday/Sunday, 26th/27th November, 2011 and a list has been circulated asking for helpers on these dates. There certainly appears to be a need for the upgraded Shelter Boxes and Norman suggested that half the collection be for this, with the other half for a water project, possibly water filters. Council agreed to this, but obviously with Club's approval.

[d] Norman enquired if the Club wished to start the usual bottle draw into the New Year.

[e] Norman had been asked to remind members the bottles of ketchup had been sold with the proviso that they be filled with coins after they were emptied in aid of Polio Plus. They were required to be handed in by the end of April, 2012.

11 Ocotber 2011

(a)       Norman reported that the letter to the Dalbeatie club requesting our contribution towards the Sudan Water Project to be returned to us without delay, had been sent off by RH. We are now awaiting a positive response. MT to update us at club night regarding any receipt. It was felt that this money could be used for Aqua Boxes or maybe Community Water Filters, but this would have to be confirmed by the club.

(b)                 The committee had discussed after their recent meeting other avenues for the collection in November, namely Mercy Ships, End Polio Now, Shelter Box etc this too will require buy in from the club. Approx cost of the new style Shelter box is 600.

 13 July 2011 

Norman reported that he has spoken to Agnes Ritchie, District International Convenor regarding the Sudan Water Project and has learned that there is possibly 4000.00 the Dalbeattie Club's funds towards it.   She is trying to resolve the matter and is getting pressure from PDG Bob Christie to do so. Council felt this pressure should continue.

[b]    The latest Foundation News Letter gives a list of 20 Clubs in District who had achieved the target of $100.00 per member.    Galashiels and Langholm were the two Border Clubs who had achieved this.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The first ShelterBoxes arrived in Japan, five days after the huge earthquake and massive tsunami hit the country.
Reports from Japan say upward of half a million people have lost their homes in the disaster and emergency shelters are already overcrowded. It is feared that tens of thousands could have lost their lives.
Regular updates from Rotary and ShelterBox on this link

19 April 2011

[a]    Norman reported that he has been unable to ascertain any further information on the Sudan Water Project, but still intends to find out.  

[b]    The bottle draw is still progressing and that total made so far is 443.95.   It will go on weekly until the 31st May, 2011.   The special draw for Jairpur Limb through Duncan raised 27.00.

[c]    Norman pointed out that the 'End Polio Now' campaign will be running through the next year.     

8 March 2011

[a]    Norman reported that he had been in contact with Dalbeattie Rotary Club and it would appear that the Sudan Water Project could still be going ahead.   The country has now split in two and contact has been made with Clubs in each part of Sudan.   The contact in Dalbeattie asked if we could be patience.   However, we want to look at progress made, if any, in April.  

[b]    Duncan is going into schools soon in connection with the 'Thanks for Life' project .

[c]    Norman intimated that he intends going to the Foundation Seminar at Peebles Hydro on Monday, 14th March, 2011.

[d]    The bottle draw is progressing and in six weeks it has made 236.55.   It is a partner's night on Tuesday, 29th March, 2011 and Norman said he had been promised a bottle of whisky for the draw and asked if this particular draw could be towards the Jaipur Limb Project, if the club is agreeable.

[e]    The Club will be undertaking a collection at the Scottish Clubs International Match against Ireland on Friday, 11th March, 2011, the proceeds going towards the Christchurch Disaster Appeal in New Zealand.    [Despite an inclement night and a poor crowd an excellent 365.00 was raised]  

[f]    Norman gave some information on Rotary Projects Worldwide in which we have had an interest.   The Polio   Challenge end is only sixteen months away, having ran from 2007 to 2012.   In an update it was reported that there has only been four new cases in Africa; one in Nigera and three in Chad.   In Asia there have only been four new cases reported; three in Pakistan and one in Afghanistan.   There have been no new cases in Central Asia and Russia.

        It was also reported that Mary's Meals are now feeding 503,900 children on every school day in India, Ukraine, Sudan, The Philippines, Equador, Kenya, Romania, Uganda, Malawi, Haiti and Liberia.

8 February 2011

[a]    Norman reported that he had been in contact with Dalbeattie Rotary Club and they state that is still their intention to support the Sudan Water Project, but they had no idea when this would be.  

[b]    Duncan has apparently handed in the Calendars in respect of the 'Thanks for Life' project at the Burgh  School and St. Peters.