Membership Committee

Associate Membership

Since initiating the Associate Member Scheme within our club we have been very successful in attracting an interest in Rotary and the subsequent increase in membership. This has been achieved through you, our members, in personal contact with colleagues and persons that you have known within the community.

Due to various reasons, unfortunately, the club has sadly lost a number of its members and does need to continue concentrating on attracting further members through the Associate Member Scheme.

The Membership committee therefore requests all members to please seriously consider persons that they know, who may be interested in learning about Rotary and what we do, in our giving support, where it benefits members of our community as well as internationally.

Please remember to make contact with the membership committee should you believe that you know of a potential ‘associate member’. The committee does wish to arrange a ‘Welcome to Rotary’ social event in early September, so please if you are aware of someone who may wish to attend to learn about Rotary and our Wellingborough Club, inform the membership chair.

Corporate Membership.

Our Rotary club does need to further promote ‘membership’ of Rotary within the community, so for this coming new Rotary year and hopefully beyond. The committee proposes and will concentrate on investigating potential interest from within the business community, in trying to attract participation and membership through theCorporate Membership Scheme. This will involve a deal of concerted effort from the committee, together with input from you, club members, by providing potential business contacts for the committee to consider.

Arrangements will be made for a club presentation on this scheme at the earliest time once the aims & procedure are established.

Membership Committee: Dave Cross Chair / David Campden / Geoff Dawson