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We held a handover a meeting between the old and the new Service Committees on the 22nd May and we agreed to continue with the majority of events we have always done but also to consider some changes to the way meetings are held and organised. The changes we are proposing will be discussed at our first committee meeting which will be in September and will be proposed for the second half of David’s year ; this means if they don’t work or prove unpopular we will have time to scrap them before my year!

The specific events happening over the next few months in chronological order are:

(1) August 21st meeting with Inner Wheel at the Golf Club. Numbers will be taken shortly.

(2)District Conference in Llandudno 22nd – 24th September. Steve Chambers is taking numbers.

(3)The District Quiz is taking place on the 11th October – again a list will be circulated in July.

(4)Minor Sports – details not received yet but will be in the autumn and is an excellent way of meeting/socialising with other clubs. (We are also going to organise a separate evening against Hatton early in the New Year).

(5) Curry evening on the 25th September. I mention this as one of the changes we would like to implement as mentioned above is more pure social events rather than speaker meetings every week possibly at a different venue once a month or every six weeks or so.

(6) Christmas Dinner – we feel the evening format at the Hind was a success and would like to repeat it as an evening event although whether it can be at the Hind we will have to see although that is our preferred choice. Last years event also proved successful for guests who can be seen as potential members.

Overall we look forward to a friendly and successful year for the Club and President David with an emphasis on the friendly and social.

Geoff Dawson           Chairman Service Committee 2017-2018