Youth and Music

 Youth and Music .

In the coming year the Youth Activities and Music Committee hopes to maintain and enhance the fine musical tradition that we have for so long upheld within the Club, and we will look for appropriate opportunities to sponsor youth programmes, mainly in conjunction with the local schools.

The main musical events will still centre on our Seasonal Concerts in November and on our Music Festival in March (this will be the 28th running of each of the events). These both regularly attract hundreds of young people to participate. We will be asking the club to designate some funds to support the Seasonal Concerts, and then the Music Festival, as we did last year. The outcome was that the designated funds were not required for the Seasonal Concerts which contributed some thousands of pounds to the benevolent fund. Putting on events of this type is not a risk-free exercise as we are often committed to costs such as coach travel and deposits for venues in advance of receiving any revenue from ticket sales. It is likely that the Music Festival, with or without sponsorship, will require benevolent fund money to support it and I ask the club to agree to that support at this Club Assembly.

The success of the Christmas Concert in 2015 has lead to that event coming under the wing of our Community Service committee in 2016 and again this coming year.

We will look at our winning musicians from the 2017 Music Festival with a view to entering some of the most promising in the 2018 District Music Competition (we have identified four musicians who we intend to approach nearer the time). We will ask the club to support financially musical activities in the area that are considered by the committee to be of sufficient merit.

Other youth activities have also been well supported by our club over the years, and we will sponsor Young Chef, Youth Speaks and Young Writer if we find there is sufficient uptake from the schools. We will also support local initiatives regarding formation of a Rotaract Club covering several club areas if we consider the proposal to be viable.

This is also an opportunity to thank the committee members for all their hard work this year, and to thank all club members for their support and participation in our programme and also Steve Howe who never fails to badger me so that we get the best out of our website. The help from all has ensured the continuing success and development of our musical activities which remain the best of Rotary musical events nationally.

Richard Rowlatt        Committee Chair 2017/18