DG's Representative 2009

DG's Representative

Ray Dixon was a Past President of the Rotary Club of Bexhill and was appointed in 2009 as the "District Governor's Special Representative" to assist us in the formation of our then new club in Sovereign Harbour. Ray attended many of our meetings (where he even won the raffle) as well as our Board meetings giving us guidance and encouragement in setting up the club.

We are part of District 1120 and at the time of our formation our District Governor was Euan Eddie OBE' our District Extension Officer responsible for setting up new clubs was Dennis Rose.

Ray dealt with the District Officers and RIBI to ensure that we were properly registered and subsequently gained all the benefits from being part of Rotary International. An important part of his role was liaising with the local clubs to keep them informed of our progress, this has prooved invaluable in working on combined projects with the Eastboune clubs. 

The club was Chartered in 2010 and we made Ray and his wife Jenny Honary members in recognition of the work they did in establishing the club. In 2017 Ray and Jenny moved to Eastbourne and joined our club.