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Inner Wheel was originally an organisation for wives, female partners and female relatives of Rotarians, current or past but established Clubs can now grow their membership by inviting women to join with no connection to Inner Wheel or Rotary. 

The latest edition of the magazine for Inner Wheel in this District is pulished here

We meet on the third Tuesday of every month (September June) in St Peter's Church Hall,
Abbotsford Road, Galashiels at 19.30

Call for new members

If you know somebody who is interested in joining International Inner Wheel, tell the Club President/Secretary or District Extension Organiser. They should meet that person to discuss the possibility of them either joining an existing Club or starting a new Club.

As soon as those new members join, they become full active members and can vote and hold office and participate in all aspects of the Club. A welcoming committee should explain the objectives of Inner Wheel and how it works.

The Objects of the organisation are:

1) To promote true friendship
2) To encourage the ideals of personal service
3) To foster international understanding

They enjoy friendship, have interesting speakers on a variety of subjects and raise funds to help worthy causes both locally and internationally.

The Inner Wheel Club works closely with Galashiels Rotary in many of its ventures. 

International Inner Wheel is present in 103 Countries/Geographical Areas, and has more than 103,000 members. It connects together members of Clubs in the various nations, from Europe to Africa, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and Canada and many others, all working to uphold the objects of Inner Wheel:

To promote true friendship

To encourage the ideals of personal service

To foster International Understanding

Worldwide, we are fighting for the rights of women and children and it is a great honor for all of us to be a part of lending a hand to many people around the world who need our help.  We hope for a very bright future for our organization in difficult times throughout a changing world.  With over one hundred thousand members worldwide, we will continue to rise to our phenomenal tasks and we will indeed feel that we have not lived in vain.   Friendship and Social Voluntary Service have made us a united, multinational force of women to be reckoned with and who will leave a mark for the future of our world.

We are proud to be members of Inner Wheel,

Long Live Inner Wheel to bring more hope and friendship worldwide.