Rotary Foundation

Rotary Foundation

Chairman:  Peter Irwin

Members:  Roy Trevelyan, Alan Kirby, John Leyland, David McCormick, Brian McGuinness.

 Rotary Year 2015/2016 Programme

 The committee have agreed to raise $100 per member as in previous years which equates to approximately £1500.

Our main fund raising activity this year will be on Friday, 6 th November 2015 at Worsley Golf Club where we will have a meal and be entertained by the Cicadas. They are a seven piece
band playing music from the 60s, 70's and 80's with a little bit of Glen Miller, if requested!

Members of the Foundation committee have agreed to work with the Youth committee to go into two local Primary schools a term to raise awareness of our continued efforts to combat Polio via the Purple Pinkie initiative. Hopefully we will raise in the region of £800 - £1000.

Roy has agreed to collect and then sell second hand books throughout the year to supplement our income.

The committee will also monitor the use of the District Grant that is providing food at Mikoroshoni Primary School, Kenya. Reports will be sent to District and our partner Club, Eccles who donated £250 towards to project.

In May or June 2016 we hope to have another fund raising activity (last year it was a wine tasting evening ) to allow us to reach our fund raising target for the year.

Peter Irwin

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