St Truiden

The Sint Truiden Rotary Club is in District 1630 Belgium

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The Sint Truiden Rotary Club is in District 1630 Belgium and has been a contact club to Mansfield since 1983 when two of our members, Calumn Haggart and Bibek Pradhan, made the first visit to them in Belgium. Sint Truiden is situated 65km east of Brussels in the Flemish region of Limburg, a town of 38000 people. It is highly regarded as the centre for fruit growing particularly pears, apples and sweet cherries.

The town has historic links as early as the 7th century but the first town with walls, gates and a tower was built in 1129. It therefore has a fine central market square and many buildings in the Baroque architectural style. The surrounding area is mainly agricultural but having had a great brewery here in Mansfield we have of course found some small Belgium breweries in the area.

Our contact has developed to regular exchange visits of club members to each country at 18 month intervals with great fun and fellowship enjoyed by all attending. We visit a variety of places of interest, museums, castles, town centres, art galleries and breweries when in Belgium and usually stay as guests in the homes of fellow Rotarians. We reciprocate when they visit us and our next meeting will be here in September 2012.

They have been supportive of several of our projects and have awarded an Honorary Membership of their Club to Calumn Haggart for his Rotary work and friendship to their Club.