Poole Rotary helps a number of overseas projects each year.

We raise funds to alleviate international disasters, including provision of Shelterboxes and Aquaboxes for shipment, at a moment's notice, to disaster-stricken regions anywhere in the world.

Poole Rotary's current international project is the J J Robinson Trust in Grenada.

Grenada is not the paradise portrayed in tourist brochures, it is a poor community and the needs of the island's children is great.  There are few books, poor transport and no money to pay exam fees.

The Trust is run by volunteers with no administrative costs - every penny braised goes into the education of children.  The Trust pays the bills directly to the transport company, the book suppliers, schools, universities etc.

Tools for Self Reliance is an international development charity in the United Kingdom which recycles and refurbishes tools and sewing machines and supplies them to partners in Africa in conjunction with training programmes. We collect and deliver unwanted tools on their behalf.

Other projects include the International Wheelchair Foundation , a fundraising ball for Retina South Africa in conjuction with business partner Classic Eyes, Global Sight Solutions and The Nepal Trust.

Links with Other International Clubs

The strength of the Rotary movement is its international brotherhood and we welcome visiting Rotarians from all over the World to the club's weekly lunch meetings.

We are proud to have very strong and happy links with the Rotary Clubs of Loches in France and Kiel-Eider in Germany. We visit them on a four year cycle and they visit us on an alternation four year cycle.