Business and Council Meetings

We hold Council and Business Meetings most months at the Club. It's where the Committees keep everyone in the club abreast of what's going on in their areas. These meetings are always lively and interesting.

Plenty of jovial banter and lively discussion at our Business Meetings!
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The TuT Rotary (Twickenham upon Thames Rotary) Council is a monthly meeting of the President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and the Chairs of each of the Club Committees and two Trustees. Progress updates and funding requests are raised. It’s a lively interactive meeting where we can discuss the projects and plans in a constructive way. Mostly the requests are given a “green light” to be brought forward for the whole Club’s approval. Sometimes Committees are asked to acquire further information first. Availability of funding is also checked at this meeting to ensure our cash flow is not at risk.

The monthly Business Meeting takes place after one of our regular meals on a Tuesday and involves everyone in the Club who attends. Committee Chairs present their proposals to the Club, there may be a discussion and a vote will usually follow, with majority and abstentions noted. These meetings often include friendly banter and frequently a lot of laughing and fun.

You can find out more about each of the Committees in the separate sections about the Committees themselves. The Committees are Communities, International & Foundation, Youth & Vocational, Fundraising, PR & Membership.