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The Committee works with the local schools and regularly sends senior pupils from Galashiels Academy to RYLA, an adventure based camp where participants learn to work in teams.

It is fostering wider involvement of schools in the work of Rotary for example with ShelterBoxes, Aquafilters,  bottle top collection and Rotaract. This year, it is planned to extend activities further, especially in Primary Schools

19 May 2015

Dave reported that the two girls selected for RYLA were preparing for the event and were attending a ‘trailer’ in Edinburgh in the next week or so.   The candidate for Challenge Enterprise was really looking forward to her event

21 April 2015

Dave reported that there were three girls interviewed selected for RYLA and two, Lara Gueldner and Alanah Fox, were selected. The girl who was not selected, Hannah McCrae, was felt by the school to be an excellent candidate for Challenge Enterprise. She was mentioned to her and she agreed take part and a cheque has been sent off Challenge Enterprise. These placements have the full support of the school.

17 March 2015

[a]   News from Galashiels Academy (L Catto) that there are 5 youngsters expressed interest for RYLA. We are unsure if they are Male or Female.

  At this point we have to move quickly as the cut-off date is the 23rd March and the forms to be send off by the 31st March. They are progressing well with applications and The Rotary Club has good relations with the school.

         Murray mentioned that Eyemouth put up two candidates but only one attended – Rotary should liaise with Joe (p) if someone is to able to attend to ensure that all spaces are filled.

Lynda Stoddart said that Kevin Ryels the Headmaster of Galashiels academy is in favour of RYLA

(b) The school Quiz was held at St Peter’s Church in Galashiels on Monday 16th March. There were 3 teams, Tweedbank Primary, Stow primary and St Margaret’s Primary school.

   Tweedbank won and a trophy was presented to the team and they were delighted.

Tom Ingoldsby took the Trophy to be engraved and handed it back to the school team the following day.

It is hoped that next year there will be more teams entered.

The next round of the school quiz is to be held in Selkirk.

17 February 2015

[a]   Dave reiterated the fact that the Rector of the Academy is very enthusiastic to involve the school with Rotary.

   [b]   Jim McPherson, Selkirk  has produced the questions for the Primary School Quiz and arrangements  are being made to run the Galashiels Schools event.   Club also agreed to the purchase of a trophy to the winning Galashiels team.

   [c]   Arrangement are in hand to select the two RYLA Candidates for this year and last years participants will give a presentation at the school.

20 January 2015

a] Dave reported that the 50% fee for two Candidates for the RYLA had been sent to District and he would be in touch with Galashiels Academy to progress the applications for likely participants.
[b] Dave states that he will shortly go to the Academy with Lynda to meet the appropriate staff.

8 July 2014

[a[a]   Evan had nothing to report and is having a meeting with his Committee soon.

   [b]   Our two representatives will be attending the RYLA soon, but there has been no information about Challenge Enterprise as yet. 

10 June 2014

   [a]   Tom reported that the Area Finals of the Primary School Quiz was took place at Innerleithen on Saturday, 17th May, 2014. Unfortunately, our entry form Langlee School was unsuccessful, but all enjoyed it.

   [b]   Two Candidates had been selected for RYLA and had recently attended a trailer in Edinburgh at which parents attended if they wished.

13 May 2014

[a]   Tom reported that the Area Finals of the Primary School Quiz was taking place at Innerleithen on Saturday, 17th May, 2014.

   [b]   Two Candidates had been selected for RYLA.

11 Febraury 2014

 [a]   Tom reported that he was still waiting for a date for the next round of the Primary School Quiz.

[b]   Tom was hoping that we could progress a candidate for Challenge Enterprise.

[c]    It was also hoped to progress candidates for RYLA.   

21 January 2014

   [a]   Tom reported that he was still waiting for a date for the next round of the Primary School Quiz.

[b]   Tom also reported that he had attended the graduation for Gala Works, the new charity helping young people in the Borders learn skills needed to help them out of unemployment.   

8 October 2013

[a] Tom hopes to continue with the school quiz , Duncan said he would forward emails to then local schools to see if they wished to take part this year .

[b] Steven offered to hold Academic interviews to local schools


14 May 2013

[a]   Tom reported that the Primary School Quiz  for the Borders Area had been held recently and six teams had taken part.   It was won by Priorsford School, Peebles with St. Margarets, Galashiels in second place.    He also wished to thank John Gray for acting as quizmaster again.   The event was held in St. Peters Church and Tom also expressed his thanks to Duncan for allowing the use of the church and helping out on the day, along with the other helpers.

[b]   Two candidates had been selected for the RYLA Camp and Tom said he would go ahead with arranging a candidate for Challenge Enterprise later in the year, which had been agreed by Club.

9 April 2013

[a]   Tom reported that he had agreed to run the Primary School Quiz  for the Borders Area and sent out a circular to the Clubs giving three suitable dates during an afternoon.   He had taken advice from schools who felt that the best time to run the quiz would be in the early afternoon with no audience.  Tom had therefore made tentative arrangements for St. Peters Church in the afternoon, but he has since had replies from three Clubs who stated that afternoons were unsuitable, with one stating that there should be an audience.   Council felt that Tom should go ahead with what advice he had been given and what he had arranged and these three clubs should abide with these arrangements. 

[b]   Two boys, David Catto and Liam Pringle have been selected for RYLA this year.

[c]   Council recommended that Tom should go ahead with arranging a candidate for Challenge Enterprise in October, 2013.

[d]   Peter appears to be taking forward the Young Photographer Competition through RIBI.

13 March 2013

[a]   Tom reported that the Primary School Quiz  for local teams took place on Monday, 25th February, 2013 at the Eildon View Youth Hub in Ladhope Vale, Galashiels.    Five teams from local schools were took part and John Gray was the Quizmaster.    The event was won by St. Margarets School, Galashiels and they have been presented with a trophy.   They are waiting to take part in the District Quiz, which should be before Easter.  

[b]   The second payment for two RYLA Candidates - 440.00 has been paid. 

12 February 2013

[a]   Tom reported that the Primary School Quiz  for local teams was taking place at 1pm on Monday, 25th February, 2013 at the Eildon View Youth Hub in Ladhope Vale, Galashiels.    Six teams from local schools were taking part and John Gray will be the Quizmaster. 

[b]   RIBI are running a photographic competition on the theme Peace .    are also running a similar competition on the theme My Borders and have invited Galashiels and Selkirk to take part.   It is felt we should take part in one of these competitions, preferably , but does the Club think?.  

13 January 2013

[a]   Tom reported that the Primary School Quiz was progressing with four schools interested in taking part and       that the Young Chef contest was also progressing. 

[b]   Our fees for two RYLA places have been paid. 

9 October 2012

[a]   It is hoped to involve the Primary Schools in our catchment area and the first stage is to contact these    schools  and inform them of quiz.   There is believed to be an interest from Academy with regard to the Young Chef competition, but we have no further no details from District  asyet.   There will be no District Competition for  Young Photographer this year and it is proposed to hold our own competition based on the one run by RIBI.

[b]   The Club preference is to concentrate on RYLA this year due to funding constraints. We will aim to send two candidates, if funding permits.    Challenge Enterprise may be considered later in the year.  

[c]   In respect of funding, Peters bouncy castle money will go to New Generations this year with around 200   collected so far [to be confirmed].   It is also hoped to have a cheese and wine or stilton and port evening in March, to help raise funds.

[d]   Lynda has contact with Langlee Parent Council and will liaise with Langlee Primary School.   She also has contact with Academy and will discuss RYLA and Young Chef.  Stuart has made positive first phone contact with other Primary Schools

[e]   It is hoped to further continue and expand existing contacts through schools, making them aware of  aquaboxes, the bottle top collection and the Bugsee box.   It is felt there is potential for more involvement in our community projects, such as Langlee Additional Needs and possibly arrange an outing in Spring.

The Gala Youth Project  already has significant Rotary involvement with four members on Committee. It is felt the Club might become involved with provision of equipment (fundraising) and other work with youth in the community.   In themeantime we should also be aware of the need for Disclosure and NVQ. And the Committee recognises the need for appropriate adult involvement, whether by Rotarians with NVQ, parents or school staff, in all projects

11 September 2012

Tom was an apology but had submitted a report for the meeting.   Unfortunately, his planned meeting with his Committee had not taken place but items due to have been discussed had been raised with members by e-mail and were as follows:-

 [a]  Involvement in the Primary School Quiz.   Preliminary information had just come to hand and if we want ot go ahead, contact would have tro made with schools soon.   Lauderdale will contact Stow, Fountainhall and Heriot, therefore Galashiels can concentrate on Tweedbank, Clovenfords and those in Galashiels.

[b]   Tom has now had contact with a Miss Emma Roden, Head of Department at Galashiels Academy, who has expressed an interest in the Young Chef Competition.

[c]   There will be no District Young Photographer Competition this year, but Tom is looking at one run by RIBI.

[d]   In respect of RYLA and Challenge Enterprise, we need to decide whether to send one or two candidates to RYLA this year and one to Challenge Enterprise.   Obviously, we will need to raise funds to fulfil these positions and Peter has promised to help through his bouncy castles.   Council felt that as Lynda had intimated at the Club meeting earlier that evening that she was having great difficulty in finding someone for Challenge Enterprise, that the Club should not support this project and instead concentrate on trying to send two candidates to RYLA as usual.  

[c]   Continue and expand contact with schools in respect of bottle tops and aqua-filters and promote the Bugsee Box, which can be loaned to schools.   There was also the suggestion that we try to do something for additional needs children at Langlee or children from difficult backgrounds over the Christmas period.

7 August 2012

[a] Tom reported that he hadnt had a meeting with his Committee, but had been in contact through e-mail communication. They were planning to offer the schools in our catchment area, the Primary School Quiz, Young Chef and Young Photographer, but will have to gauge interest from the schools themselves. Obviously little effort or funding is required for these, but they are good PR events.
[b] In respect of RYLA and Challenge Enterprise, there will be a problem this year in funding them to the same extent. Should the Club be looking for sponsorship, fundraising ourselves or consider putting our efforts instead into smaller projects which might support more young people or, do something for special needs children.
[c] Continue and expand contact with schools in respect of bottle tops and aquafilters.

10 July 2012

Tom reported that he had written a letter to all schools in our catchment area, letting them know what is available through Rotary

12 June 2012

[a]   Lynda was an apology so there was no report but both Lynda and Elizabeth will participate in the RYLA Tester.

[b]   Peter reported that the final of The Young Photographer competition will be held in Jessops Glasgow on either the 25th or 27th June 2012. If anyone is available to attend Peter would be very grateful of their help.

14 February 2012

Lynda was an apology but apparently Andrew has been round schools in Galashiels [and Tweedbank] looking to the possibility  of these schools taking part in the Young Photographer competition.   The theme is Last Days of Winter

10 January 2012

Lynda was an apology but is looking to local schools to possibly take part in the Young Photographer competition. 

11 October 2011

(a)       Lynda reported that the Challenge Enterprise Candidate, Davy Lee will be coming to talk to the club towards the end of October.

(b)       Peter Croan is talking with sponsors in connection with the Young Photographers competition.

(c)       The Rotary Santa is in the planning stage.

13 September 2011

[a] Lynda reported that our two RYLA candidates had attended the Club tonight and made an excellent presentation of their visit to the RYLA Camp.

[b] Lynda was still awaiting details of the Challenge Enterprise weekend to give to Danny Lee our candidate.

13 July 2011

Lynda reported that, along with our two candidates will be attending the RYLA Camp on 23rd July, 2011.
[b]    A cheque has been sent away in respect of our Challenge Enterprise candidate,  Danny Lee.
[c]    Lynda was also enquiring about a girl who was interested in Youth Exchange.