Table Top Sale Community 2000

Community Chairperson

Pat Shepherd is this year's Chair of the Committee

Committee members;

Rachel Dunford (Deputy andTable Top Sales, Porthole, Club Diary & Website)

Julia Lunn, Stephen Clarke, Ian Macpheat

The community committee will oversee those projects involving the community in our area, and will take responsibility for any vocational contacts.

Rotary is a service organisation and the community committee is therefore tasked with services to the community. Traditionally this has meant holding or facilitating fundraising activities in support of those providing the 'hands on' services, though subject to our limited membership we have also provided some hands on assistance (mostly stewarding). These activities will continue, possibly with changing 'customers' as the needs of the community change.

As a service committee we are principally demand led. Major tasks are therefore to discover demand, analyse to see if it is a matter we can assist and prioritise it.

How can we determine demand? History tells us that are a number of organisations on the Island who will regularly ask for our assistance, these we will assess on their merits and respond appropriately. The question of new needs/demands is interesting.  While my feeling is that the request for help should normally precede the offer of assistance we should remain alert to spot gaps in support. 

It is anticipated that the following traditional/anticipated activities (some in association with other committees) will continue,

Table top sales

Car boot sales

Teddy Bears Picnic

Spirit of Portland

Southwell Village Fair

Easton Gardens Summer Fete

Tripartite Community Day (Elderly and frail Outing with Bridport and Casterbridge Rotary)

Community award

Santa's Sleigh and Christmas Day Santa deliveries

Chesil Rocks

Because of a long standing interest in the local Secondary School and some hopefully useful contacts, I hope to be able to assist our Youth committee in matters relating to the school.

Annually assistance is given with car parking and stewarding at many local community events:-

Revive events -

Julia's House garden party -

We also have ties with many other charities, organisations, and youth groups on Portland.

It is the ambition of the club to have representation at many other charities, and organisations on the island, to offer advice, and help where needed; or to be availible for consultation. This is the concept of the club's 'Portland Shield'. Such organisations include :-

iPlay -

Portland Museum -

Chesil community trust -

Friends of Victoria and Easton Gardens -

Rights, respecting, communities -