Dublin Viking active member of Euromeet

Euromeet 2018

Euromeet is an ad hoc group of European clubs that were founded in 1980. The group has met every 18 months for over twenty years; the meetings are hosted in rotation by each of the constituent clubs. The purpose of Euromeet is to further Rotary ideals with special emphasis on building friendships across international boarders within Europe. Euromeets provide wonderful occasions to meet up with old Rotarian friends and to meet new ones.

The last Euromeet was hosted by the Rotary Club of Lund-St Knut in Sweden in 2018. The visiting clubs included clubs from England (Ashby de La Zouch Hastings), Belgium (Antwerpen-Heideland), Netherlands (Gorssel-Zutphen), Germany ( Gronau-Euregio), , Findland (Turku-Sirkalla)

 Viking was represented at that meeting by:

John Gahan

Jerry and Susan Nasstrom

Philip and Valerie Osborne