Brief explanation of site content

This site is completely secure. No personal information or e-mail addresses are shown on any part of the site.

1. Public Page.                 

This page, visible to anyone visiting the site, gives, in the central column, general information on Club activities, it's structure and objectives. It provides a form enabling anyone interested in joining us to contact a club representative (in our case, Hon.Sec. Peter).
A programme of meetings & menus for the current month is found by scrolling to the foot of this page
The top bar provides information on meetings and events up to the end of the Rotary year.

The left hand column lists  reports of the various service committees and Club Officers. Only those reports regarded as suitable for public access are found here. (Confidential notes, Council and Cttee. minutes are shown in the Members only section.) "Other links" provides access to the RIBI and District 1150 websites. 

The right hand column gives details of venue & meeting times; below which are listed the newest entries from        a) The Club administrator.   b) District 1150.    c) RIBI

Members log in to the "Members only" section by entering their user name and password.

All members have been registered for access to this section. Your user name  and/or password may be altered at your discretion  but if you find any difficulties, please let me know.
Members' Pages.

"Update." Only you have entry to this section. Only you may update your details/photo. and this is the only place where your e-mail address is entered. A photo. entered here will also be displayed on the Club members list as will any alteration you have made to your personal details.
"Future Programme" lists a calendar of events in District 1150
"My Pages" Any member may add a page to the site, or edit one you have previously entered, selecting either the public or members section. You alone can edit or delete pages that you have written. I would be grateful however if you let me know before you add your page to avoid any duplication or confusion.
"Contact/Search" - List of members - members addresses, telephone numbers and photographs are shown here To e-mail Club members. Simply select "email members" box (Immediately above Paul's head!) write the message in the section provided, tick the recipient (or recipients) and send. - No need to enter or even know their addresses.
 "Submit apologies for absence." In order to maintain an amicable relationship with the hotel management, I try to give advance notice of numbers attending each meeting. If you cannot attend, please use this section. Enter your name and the date of the relevant meeting and press "send"             SIMPLE