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 RYLA is a 5 day residential leadership building course for students aged between 15 and 19. It is a fun and intensive  training programme offering potential future leaders a chance to get a head start at an early age. The RYLA  programme gives young people the     opportunity to improve their leadership and communication skills, learn about team work, share ideas and experiences and explore career paths and institutions. More Details


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There are three categories in this competition: Primary School. Senior School and College category. Each of the three categories may enter: up to 7 colour prints, up to 7 black and white prints or up to 2 portfolios - each portfolio must contain 10 photographs by at least 5 pupils. More Details

A competition for 11 to 13 and 14 to 17 year olds. The celebrity status of television chefs has heightened the interest of young people in cooking and many now view it as a serious career prospect. This competition aims to encourage young people to Develop cookery skills. Prove their organisation and planning skills and their ability to cope in demanding situations. More Details

Teams of four Design and Technology students with an interest in engineering and science subjects are invited to apply to compete in a full day out of school event to devise and build a solution to an unseen technical task. More Details


If You are interested in becoming involved with any of these, please choose 'Youth" under the drop-down menu from "Contact Us" tab above.