Fund Raising

Tue Mar 13th 2012

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Of all the commttees in a Rotary club this is the one that needs the least explanation. One of the main functions of the club is to raise money in order that we might be able to support a variety of charities, local, national and international. Some organisations we help individually and some we get together with other clubs and make donations to our Foundation,  thereby many clubs can come together to help in a bigger way. Rotary the world over has been matching donations by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Rotary were set the task of raising $200 Million in order to receive a donations of $355 Million in order to eradicate Polio. Very few cases are now reported each year and in only three countries in the world. India experienced the first year in living memory without a case being diagnosed earlier this year - this is another huge step forward.

Few people will remember the scourge of Polio. It is only 50 years ago in this country that we had aircraft hanger size wards full of "Iron Lungs" Many patients died and a huge number were left severely disabled often needing to wear leg braces, horrid iron contraptions to give some stability. This still happens around the world especially in Africa and Afghanistan but we are nearly there.

At the National and local level we give small amounts to the Charities and to visiting speakers. Usually we have one event a year for fundraising which is an occasion where was raise money for some of the smaller ventures. This year we have had a "Race Night" which raised in excess of a thousand pounds. Every year 3-4 events are organised for specific Charities or to enable charities to raise money by galvanising their own supporters. This year we had a Go Kart event in September and in November we had an evening at the theatre with the generous support of the Guildbury Players as fundraising events.

Each year we organise the Annual Rotary walk with the help and support of the Surrey Advertiser. This starts and ends in shalford Park and is 10km in legnth. Walkers collect for their own charities and usuall raise in excess of