Meetings & Events to see our meetings to which visiting Rotarians are welcome."/> Meetings & Events to see our meetings to which visiting Rotarians are welcome."> Meetings & Events to see our meetings to which visiting Rotarians are welcome." />

Why Cambridge Rotary?

Click Meetings & Events to see our meetings to which visiting Rotarians are welcome.

Our thanks to Phil Wigglesworth for permission to use this photograph

The Rotary Club of Cambridge is fortunate in being based in the centre of a city that is famous throughout the world. Significant numbers of people, visiting the city and its universities, also come to meet us. This gives members the opportunity to make new friends and expand their horizons.

Our universities are often the first choice for visiting Rotary scholars, so that long lasting friendships can result.

Our Club also benefits from having several members who work in Cambridge but are citizens of other countries.

In short, members are uniquely placed to benefit from new experiences and mix with people from other cultures. The name of Cambridge can open doors as many of our members have discovered.

Cambridge, along with some 33,000 other clubs throughout the world, supports major Rotary projects aimed at relieving disease, hunger, unclean water and poor education. It also responds urgently to natural disasters, often using Rotary manpower, equipment and distribution facilities. We also help with our own local Community needs, supporting schools and youth projects, as well as the elderly, disabled or disadvantaged.

'So is it all about raising money then?'

Far from it. Of course need to raise some money, and we try not to do so by asking fellow Rotarians to cough up! If possible, we arrange our projects in a way which involves the whole local community, is value for money and above all is fun. Much of our community work is hands on. Please see How We Give Back for details.

'What about the social side?'

We see the social side as being fundamental to being a Rotarian. Our weekly meetings at University Arms bring us together in a spirit of real friendship, enhanced by many other social events throughout the year. We don't expect members to attend every meeting, but our attendance record speaks for itself. Maybe our (unofficial) club motto should be 'Fun With a Purpose'. Rotary in Cambridge is uniquely placed to enhance your international experience by providing you with the opportunity to meet with our many overseas visitors and contacts.

'O.K."I'm interested" what next?'

To find out more and be considered for membership, please approach one of our members, and be invited to one of our meetings - see list below - or, if you don't know a Cambridge Rotarian, please contact our Secretary via this email link.
If you and we then feel that you would make a good Rotarian, we can take things from there.

In place of the traditional banner exchanged with visiting Rotarians we how hand them a C21 version - a CD of pictures and information about Cambridge.  Click the CD image to some of the pages in it.